Catching Up with Ben Troupe

Every year we hear about how the tight end is going to play a larger role in the offense this upcoming fall but things don't usually pan out that way. This year may be different with Ben Troupe returning as the #1 tight end. In this interview, Troupe touched on his progress this spring, his role in the offense, what to expect this Saturday for the Orange and Blue game, being a leader and much more.

Going into the Spring Ben Troupe was a player with NFL potential but XFL credentials. Although he played 714 snaps and had 14 receptions he just has not developed into the All Conference player former Coach Steve Spurrier predicted he would be. Many fans will remember his athletic and acrobatic 4 catches and touchdown in the big win over undefeated Georgia. Ben believes there will be more of that on a regular basis this fall, his senior season. If Spring practice is any indication then Troupe might finally deliver on the Old Ball Coach's prediction.

Q: Talk about your Spring .
A: I am just trying to go out and play to the best of my ability and compete.

Q: Did Coach Zook talk to you before Spring about your role? 
A: He told me I would be a intricate part of this offense. I want to be the "X" factor when I go out on the field.

Q: What are you working on? 
A: I am trying to be more consistent, make the big plays and become the big playmaker on offense, you know what I am saying? Make the other team be concerned with me going into a game.

Q: How's your run blocking? 
A: Gotta work on my run blocking. Got to work on everything though because I want to be an all-around player.

Q: How has it been against this spring's defense? 
A: You know Bobby McCray and Darrell Lee have made me better. Going against them all Spring has pushed all of us to get better.

Q: We have seen the tight end used a lot in the spring before but not in the regular season, while will this year be any different? 
A: If they can see that I can do it on the practice field then I will get more opportunities in the game. Hopefully come regular season they won't forget about me.

Q: Both Quarterbacks Dickey and Martin have gone to you this spring?
A: Yes with the new guys at QB, it makes you feel good when they look at you as a top guy. They get excited when it's there turn and I am in the huddle, so sure it feels good to be a focal point of the offense this spring.

Q: The top guy? 
A: They smile when the come to the huddle and see me in there. I hope by my success it gives them confidence in their game.

Q: What can fans expect on Saturday? 
A: They can expect a lot of competing, you know and I am not going to single out names or positions but like Zook always say go out and compete.I think the fans will be real excited about the future of this football team this season.

Q: Will it be physical?
A: Oh yeah, orange versus blue last day of spring we gonna be bustin heads.

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