Baseball Scrimmage -- 2/1

The pitchers weren't as sharp on Tuesday, but there is one starting pitcher who has been the surprise of spring practice. Tommy Toledo is fully healthy for the first time since stepping on campus as a freshman for the 2008 season. The results are showing.

Brian Johnson pitching:

Alex Freedman flies out to second.
Bryson Smith singles to center.
Daniel Pigott doubles to left center, Smith moves to third.
Zack Powers strikes out swinging.
Vickash Ramjit reaches on an error by third baseman Jeff Moyer, scoring one run.
Mike Zunino flies out to right field end the inning.

THOUGHTS: Johnson didn't throw as bad as the inning might look. The single for Smith was in on his hands and a bloop into center field. The error Moyer made was bad. The bad was an easy hop and just hit off his glove.

The best sign for me came on the fly out by Zunino to end the inning. Right fielder Preston Tucker called off second baseman Josh Adams smoothly to make the catch in short right field. It was a good sign for a player who is still learning the outfield.

Tommy Toledo pitching:

Kamm Washington lead off single to center.
Josh Adams strikes out swinging.
Preston Tucker flies out to left.
Austin Maddox strikes out swinging.

THOUGHTS: He got Adams on a slider low and out of the strike zone. The strikeout of Maddox came on a high fastball in the zone, and Toledo just overpowered him. It's great to see him finally pitching to his capability. Toledo is cutting it loose without holding anything back, and it's easy to see.

Brian Johnson pitching:

Jacob Tillotson homers to left-center field.
Tyler Palmer grounds out to first base.
Paul Wilson grounds out to third base.
Connor Mitchell doubles to right.
Bryson Smith strikes out swinging.

THOUGHTS: The home run to Tillotson surprised everyone in the stadium, as he isn't expected to hit for much power at all. Another good sign came on Mitchell's double. Tucker actually made a good play to cut the ball off before it got to the fence and save a triple. He looks like he will be fine in right field this year.

Tommy Toledo pitching:

Brian Johnson flies out to center.
Ben McMahan strikes out looking.
Jeff Moyer strikes out looking.

THOUGHTS: The strikeout of Moyer was a thing of beauty. Toledo fell behind in the count 3-0 and came all the way back with three fastballs to get the strikeout. I'm already trying to figure out how they're going to get Toledo more innings, because I couldn't be more impressed with him through his first two appearances in the spring.

Keenan Kish pitching:

Daniel Pigott triples to right.
Mike Zunino hit by the pitch.
Zack Powers singles to center field, scoring Pigott. Zunino moves to second.
Runners advance to second and third on a throwing error by catcher Ben McMahan.
Vickash Ramjit strikes out.
Paul Wilson singles to left, scoring Powers and Zunino.
Tyler Palmer singles to right.

THOUGHTS: This inning was cut short because Kish's pitch count was getting high. He has struggled in his first two outings this spring. It's normal things that freshmen deal with, but he has the ability to be a good pitcher at Florida. He just has to harness the mental part of it.

Daniel Gibson pitching:

Tyler Thompson grounds out to second.
Cody Dent grounds out to shortstop.
Kamm Washington grounds out to the pitcher.

THOUGHTS: I think Gibson could be a great pitcher out of the bullpen when the Gators need a ground ball. He gets a lot of sink and hitters pound it into the ground. I think his future is as a starting pitcher, but on a team with so much starter depth, he will be a valuable piece out of the bullpen.

Keenan Kish pitching:

Jacob Tillotson singles to left.
Connor Mitchell strikes out looking.
Bryson Smith singles to left, moving Tillotson to second.
Daniel Pigott grounds out to shortstop, runners move up to second and third.
Mike Zunino flies out to center.

THOUGHTS: The final out came on a diving catch by Kamm Washington. He should be a fun one to watch patrol center field this year. He isn't Matt den Dekker, but he has the pure speed to cover a ton of ground. Kish looked much better in this inning despite the two hits.

Daniel Gibson pitching:

Josh Adams singles to center.
Preston Tucker reaches second on a fielding error by center field Bryson Smith, Adams moves to third.
Austin Maddox grounds out to shortstop, scoring Adams and moving Tucker to third.
Brian Johnson singles to left, scoring Tucker.
Ben McMahan singles to left, moving Johnson to second.
Jeff Moyer hit by a pitch.

THOUGHTS: The coaches ended this inning early, too. Gibson was leaving pitches up, but he flashes the type of stuff that you want to see out of a freshman. I really believe he will be an important piece out of the bullpen.


Tommy Toledo: 2 Innings Pitched, 1 Hit, 0 Runs, 0 Walks, 4 Strikeouts
Brian Johnson: 2 Innings Pitched, 4 Hits, 2 Runs (1 Earned), 0 Walks, 2 Strikeouts
Keenan Kish: 1.1 Innings Pitched, 6 Hits, 2 Runs, 1 Hit By Pitch, 0 Walks, 2 Strikeouts
Daniel Gibson: 1.1 Innings Pitched, 3 Hits, 2 Runs (1 Earned), 1 Hit By Pitch, 0 Walks, 0 Strikeouts.

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