Baseball Scrimmage Report -- 2/8

The battle for the third spot in the weekend rotation continued on Tuesday as two candidates, Alex Panteliodis and Karsten Whitson, took the mound. The winner shouldn't be decided until next week, but both pitchers made strong cases in their fourth appearances of the spring.

As always, normal rules don't apply in these scrimmages. They can play four outs an inning or have hitters bat multiple times an inning. The coaching staff changes things up a lot.

One other note is that the players scrimmaged in a new home jersey that they will wear this season. It was a white top and white pants that were designed as a throwback jersey. The team should wear these jerseys during most home games this season.

Alex Panteliodis pitching:

Preston Tucker flies out to center.
Bryson Smith bunts out to the pitcher.
Jeff Moyer strikes out swinging.
Zack Powers grounds out to second.

THOUGHTS: The last out was a typical Josh Adams play. The second baseman made a backhanded play up the middle and threw across his body perfectly for an easy out. He makes things look so easy on defense.

Hudson Randall pitching:

Josh Adams strikes out looking.
Austin Maddox grounds out to the pitcher.
Ben McMahan reaches on infield single to shortstop.
Brian Johnson strikes out swinging.

THOUGHTS: Randall only went one inning because the ball Maddox hit actually went off his right calf area. He stuck with the ball and threw Maddox out, but he was favoring the area after the play. Randall actually stayed on and finished the inning, looking as sharp as ever. However, they made a decision after the inning to take him out. I'm guessing it was precautionary, and I heard after practice that it looked like only a bruise. He should be fine, but there was definitely a scare. He came back on the field later in the game wearing a boot on his right leg.

Alex Panteliodis pitching:

Vickash Ramjit grounds out to shortstop.
Mike Zunino grounds out to shortstop.
Paul Wilson strikes out swinging.
Alex Freedman strikes out swinging.

Anthony DeSclafani pitching:

Kamm Washington strikes out swinging.
Daniel Pigott walks.
Cody Dent grounds out on sacrifice bunt to third base.
Tyler Palmer strikes out swinging.

Alex Panteliodis pitching:

Jacob Tillotson bunts out to the pitcher.
Preston Tucker walks on four pitches. Tillotson pinch runs for him.
Bryson Smith doubles to left-center field, scoring Tillotson.
Preston Tucker doubles to left center, scoring Smith.
Mike Zunino strikes out looking.

THOUGHTS: The double for Smith came on a 2-1 fastball that Panteliodis elevated. Tucker's double was a very pretty swing. Panteliodis threw a slider that Tucker kept his shoulder in on, and drove the ball into the left-center field gap.

Antony DeSclafani pitching:

Connor Mitchell strikes out swinging.
Josh Adams grounds out to second.
Austin Maddox strikes out looking.

Karsten Whitson pitching:

Jeff Moyer bunts out to the pitcher.
Zack Powers strikes out swinging.
Vickash Ramjit singles to shortstop.
Paul Wilson grounds into fielder's choice, shortstop to second.

Anthony DeSclafani pitching:

Ben McMahan fouls out to first.
Austin Maddox walks.
Brian Johnson doubles to right-center field, scoring Maddox.
Kamm Washington grounds out to first, moving Johnson to third.
Daniel Pigott walks.
Passed ball by Mike Zunino scores Johnson and moves Pigott to second.
Cody Dent strikes out swinging.

THOUGHTS: DeSclafani threw well overall, but this is the one inning he struggled. He battles with his control at random times, including the two walks this inning. Overall, I thought he threw the ball well. His velocity is definitely up from last season.

Karsten Whitson pitching:

Alex Freeman flies out to left field.
Jacob Tillotson strikes out swinging.
Preston Tucker hit by the pitch, Tillotson pinch runs for him.
Tillotson caught stealing at second.

THOUGHTS: Whitson threw sliders on the first two pitches to Tucker, both of them bouncing on the plate at Tucker checked his swing. The third pitch was also a slider, but it hit Tucker's back foot. Whitson looked dialed in this inning.

Greg Larson pitching:

Tyler Palmer fouls out to third.
Connor Mitchell singles to left.
Josh Adams grounds into double play, shortstop to second to first.

THOUGHTS: The double play was hit hard. The ball bounced once on its way up the middle, but shortstop Jacob Tillotson made a nice play over the base to field, step on second base and throw to first in one motion. He's one heck of a defensive player.

Karsten Whitson pitching:

Preston Tucker singles to right.
Mike Zunino flies out to right.
Jeff Moyer walks, Tucker goes to second.
Zack Powers flies out to deep center field.
Wild pitch moves runners to second and third.
Bryson Smith grounds out to shortstop.

Greg Larson pitching:

Austin Maddox strikes out looking.
Ben McMahan singles to left.
Brian Johnson grounds out to second.
Kamm Washington grounds out to the pitcher.

Final Pitching Lines:

Alex Panteliodis: 3.1 innings, 2 hits, 1 walk, 2 runs, 4 strikeouts.
Hudson Randall: 1 inning, 1 hit, 0 walks, 0 runs, 2 strikeouts.
Anthony DeSclafani: 3 innings, 1 hit, 3 walks, 2 runs (1 earned), 5 strikeouts.
Karsten Whitson: 3 innings, 2 hits, 1 walks, 1 hit by pitch, 0 runs, 2 strikeouts.
Greg Larson: 2 innings, 2 hits, 0 walks, 0 runs, 1 strikeout.

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