Baseball Scrimmage Report -- 2/9

Wednesday's scrimmage was a story of left-handers against right-handers on the mound. Nick Maronde and Paco Rodriguez delivered lights out performances, while right-handed pitchers Justin Poovey and Michael Heller struggled in a big way. Rodriguez and Maronde are two pitchers in a battle for the closer's role, and Wednesday didn't make it easier for the coaches to decide between them.

Justin Poovey pitching-

Josh Adams singles to left.
Adams thrown out stealing second after Alex Freedman misses hit and run sign.
Freedman walks.
Preston Tucker triples to right field, Freedman scores.
Ben McMahan hits sacrifice fly to center, Tucker scores.
Bryson Smith singles to left.
Bryson Smith steals second.
Daniel Pigott strikes out swinging.

THOUGHTS: After Freedman missed the sign, third base coach Craig Bell said, "How did we win that many games last year with so many freshmen?" Just goes to show how special last year's freshman class was. The throw beat Smith to second on his steal, but he made a perfect slide to the outfield side of the base to get around the tag.

Nick Maronde pitching-

Mike Zunino doubles to right-center.
Tyler Thompson strikes out looking.
Austin Maddox strikes out looking.
Brian Johnson singles to left, Zunino scores.
Kamm Washington strikes out swinging.

THOUGHTS: Maronde's slider is absolutely unhittable for left-handers. He froze Thompson on it, and then threw fastballs right by Maddox and Washington. He looked like the Maronde that everyone has expected since he showed up on campus.

Justin Poovey pitching-

Cody Dent reaches on bunt base hit to the pitcher.
Zack Powers singles to left field on hit-and-run, Dent to second.
Vickash Ramjit drops down a sacrifice bunt, moving runners to second and third.
Josh Adams singles into center field, scoring Dent and moving Powers to third.
Vickash Ramjit is out, but I missed how it happened. Runners stay at first and third.
Josh Adams leaves early for second base on a called play, but Poovey handled it perfectly by stepping off and throwing home to get Powers out at the plate.

Nick Maronde pitching-

Jeff Moyer grounds out to first.
Paul Wilson flies out to right.
Jacob Tillotson walks.
Tyler Palmer strikes out looking.

THOUGHTS: Maronde can still be frustrating. He got Moyer and Wilson out with ease and early in the count, only to walk Tillotson on four pitches. That's one way to frustrate Coach O'Sullivan, and Maronde did just that. To his credit, he didn't let the inning break out of control, as he struck out Palmer to end it.

Justin Poovey pitching-

Alex Freedman flies out to center.
Preston Tucker walks. Josh Adams pinch runs for him.
Ben McMahan singles to left, Adams to second.
Bryson Smith reaches on bunt single to third, but third baseman Mike Zunino throws to third after Adams had rounded the base to tag him out.
Preston Tucker singles to center, scoring McMahan and moving Smith to second.
Daniel Pigott hits a three-run home run to left field.

THOUGHTS: Adams was preparing for Zunino to throw to first for the out, so he rounded third base hard and was going to score. This at-bat by McMahan only confirmed to me why he needs to be in the lineup. Poovey came in with a hard fastball, but McMahan has quick hands to get inside the ball and drive it into right. Pigott was hitting home run after home run in batting practice, and it translated into the scrimmage. This ball was a towering blast into the left field bleachers.

Nick Maronde pitching-

Connor Mitchell pops out to shortstop.
Austin Maddox singles to left.
Mike Zunino reaches on error by first baseman Vickash Ramjit, moving Maddox to second.
Brian Johnson strikes out swinging.
Kamm Washington flies out to left.

THOUGHTS: Ramjit fielded the ball at first and tried to start a double play, but he threw the ball into left field. The coaches got on him for trying to make too much happen instead of just taking the out. Johnson took a half swing that you'll never see him have. He hesitated and took an extremely uncomfortable swing. It just goes to show how well Maronde threw.

Paco Rodriguez pitching-

Cody Dent strikes out swinging.
Zack Powers reaches on fielding error by third baseman Tyler Palmer.
Zack Powers thrown out trying to advance to second on a ball in the dirt.
Vickash Ramjit strikes out looking.

THOUGHTS: Rodriguez was dialed in. He is so deceptive in his motion, and his cutter is almost impossible for a hitter to get out of the infield. I would be surprised if he wasn't the closer.

Michael Heller pitching-

Jeff Moyer walks.
Paul Wilson walks.
Jacob Tillotson walks.
Tyler Palmer walks.

THOUGHTS: Heller had no clue where the ball was going. He was up in the zone with his fastball, but it was rarely a strike. I believe only one of the batters saw a two-strike count.


Nick Maronde: 3 innings, 3 hits, 1 walk, 1 run, 5 strikeouts.
Justin Poovey: 2.1 innings, 10 hits, 2 walks, 7 runs, 0 strikeouts.
Paco Rodriguez: 1 inning, 0 hits, 0 walks, 0 runs, 2 strikeouts.
Michael Heller: 0 innings, 0 hits, 4 walks, 1 run, 0 strikeouts.


NOTES: Mike Zunino played third base for the blue team during every inning of Wednesday's scrimmage. He's a good athlete, and he looked good playing it… Perfect Game released their college rankings on Wednesday, ranking Florida as their No. 1 team in the country… The Gators will host a scrimmage on Saturday at McKethan Stadium that is open to the public. It will start at 1 p.m.

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