Post Scrimmage Quotes

Inside are quotes from Head Coach Ron Zook, Ingle Martin, Gavin Dickey, Patrick Dosh, Carlos Perez, Max Starks, Mo Mitchell, Dallas Baker, Keiwan Ratliff, Shannon Snell and DeShawn Wynn.

Post Scrimmage Quotes

Head Coach Ron Zook

Opening Statement…

"I know that I came in here a year ago and said that I wanted 15 more practices, and today I told James Bates out there that I would like to have just eight more practices. I think one of the things that is exciting about our football team right now is, were we pretty out there? Not in a lot of phases, but we have gotten better and we are a better football team. I have said this quite a few times, but we are a better football team than we were a year ago. I really do believe that..

On the conclusion of spring practice:

"I'm very excited and pleased at the way spring ball has went. I'm pleased with the attitude. Obviously, we are not where we want to be and we're not necessarily where we are supposed to be yet, but I think we are on the right track. I told the football team in there that we have three months to report and this three months is going to be very important."

On the quarterbacks:

"The quarterbacks are going to be fine. They are going to come through. Right now they are all pressing. All three are really trying to make something happen. You saw that we have some guys that can run the football and some guys that can catch the football. We have an offensive line that is much improved, so we will be able to run the football."

"It is hard to say [who would be the starter]. If someone put a gun to my head and we were playing a real game today I might say that Ingle [Martin] would be the starter. That is only because he has had more reps and he is a year older. I think the one thing that the three of them have done is they have all done some good things. All three have also made some mistakes. A little bit of it has to do with the pressure and trying so hard. I really think that over the next three months they will improve as well, if they do what they are supposed to do."

"Going into this week we thought that Ingle [Martin] and Gavin [Dickey] were a little bit ahead of Patrick Dosh] but then Patrick just does some things sometimes, even though he didn't today, that make you not want to give up with them."

On the defense:

"The big concern after the first practice to me was where are we going to be on defense? I think defensively we have played with emotion. The coaches have done a great job this spring, doing the things that we can really do. The defensive guys feel confident with what we are doing and they are getting better and better. I think you can see that Keiwan Ratliff has a chance to help us on both sides of the football."

On the incoming freshman class:

"Obviously, we are excited about the new guys coming in as well. You don't want to say that you are going to rely on a lot of young people, but there are going to be a lot of young people that are going to play. That is just the way that it is. We are going to have enough guys where we can play them all and play a lot of them. We'll keep guys fresh and doing a lot of things. I think that takes some pressure off of them as well, because they aren't thinking that they have to come in and play 40 or 50 plays and be 'the man', so to speak. That will allow them to grow gradually and we'll become a better football team, you are supposed to, as the season progresses."

Quarterback Ingle Martin

On the game:

"If I were to grade myself on today's game I would give myself a C. It is going to be interesting coming back in May and getting to throw the ball around with even more competition. I kind of got a feel for the team this spring. We need to work on getting all of our guys some more experience because then we can. improve even more. We just want to go out there and protect the ball and to reduce the mistakes. We have progressed and made great strides and coming off of last year we feel like we have something to prove."

Quarterback Gavin Dickey

On the game:

"I came out today and was very nervous. I never really got into a rhythm, I was kind of erratic here and there. It was a great experience for me to play in front of a really big crowd. I definitely got a lot out of it. I know that for the coming season, I need to work on relaxing during the game and not try to make a spectacular play every time. I think I also need to work on my mechanics."

Quarterback Patrick Dosh

On the game:

"I was definitely pressing today. Coming from a private school, this was by far, the biggest crowd I have played in front of. I wasn't reading it right, and I definitely wasn't getting into a rhythm. It was really good for me that I was out there and playing because now I know what I need to get ready for."

Wide Receiver Carlos Perez

On the game:

"It was nice to get back on the field. I couldn't wait to get back on the field for spring football. Both sides of the ball played really well today, offense and defense."

Offensive Lineman Max Starks

On the game:

"I think the game went well. There was some good stiff competition from the second team that was really hyped up. They wanted to show everyone that they have something to prove and that they want playing time, too. I was really impressed with them, and I thought that everyone really played with a lot of heart."

Defensive Lineman Mo Mitchell

On the game:

"It is a pleasure being on the field for Florida football. It is a transition moving from blocking a guy to hitting a guy and getting away from a guy, but I just have to work hard at it and continue to improve. We have to work as hard as we can so that next season we can win some ball games. We are going to get it done."

Wide Receiver Dallas Baker

On his touchdown catch:

"I had great concentration on the ball. The way Tre Orr had me blocked out, I had no choice but to try to shield him away from me. I tipped it to myself."

On his ability to catch high passes:

"I guess I'm just blessed to have leaping ability, really. Most people would think it's my height, but my vertical, working out in the weight room with coach Glass and everything got my vertical up. So as a taller person, I can also jump. So my vertical comes into play."

On the quarterbacks' play today:

"From the way I was seeing it and from the plays we were called, I think all of them played well. I couldn't really tell which one of them played better."

Cornerback/ Wide receiver Keiwan Ratliff

On playing on both sides of the ball:

"Basically, I just like having the ball in my hands. That's interceptions, kickoffs, punts, it doesn't matter. Just as long as the ball is in my hands. You get excited when you have the ball in your hands."

On his two interceptions:

"Honestly, the plays that I caught interceptions on were cover-two's. I was just in the zone, and I just read the quarterback's eyes and made the jump on the ball.".

On quarterback Ingle Martin:

"I know a few plays that step out in my mind, and it was Ingle at quarterback that stuck the ball right in there. Right now, I think Ingle took the biggest step forward after today."

Offensive Tackle Shannon Snell

On Ran Carthon and Deshawn Wynn:

"Hes like a one-two punch with Ran. Blocking for those guys, they are going to be pretty special during the season. Hopefully, we can get them a 1,000 [yards] this season each, but if you leave one of them in there, then maybe he'll get 1,500. We'll see."

On when he is cutting his hair:

"The first loss we get next year, I am cutting it."

Running back DeShawn Wynn

On the Gators' four running backs:

"We have four good backs that can run the ball without losing any ability. I think all the backs can run and catch pretty well, so we are all about on the same level right now. We are all working with the first team and the second team, and that's how it is right now. We don't have a depth chart yet."

On what Emmitt Smith said during his pregame speech to the team:

"He just talked about how you should enjoy your college experience, how many people don't make it to the NFL and that you should get your degree. He just talked about how you should enjoy it while you're here because it goes by pretty fast."

On the speed of the Gators' running backs:

"We all have a nice little burst through the line, and I don't think any of us can be caught from behind."

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