Monster DL Signee Felt Florida was Best Fit

Sometimes it is just a matter of a good feeling that helps make your decision for you. Thus is the case with defensive tackle Tevin Westbrook of Coconut Creek (FL) North Broward Prep. Westbrook was approached by the Gators late in the process after the coaching change in Gainesville and things started to click. Now Florida has a monster of a lineman that looks to someday wreak havoc in the SEC.

So you want an example of what kind of monster this Tevin Westbrook can be? He plays basketball for North Broward Prep and averages 14 points and 11 rebounds for a playoff team. Two weeks ago, he was going in for a simple warm up dunk and accidentally hit the rim too hard when the ball went through the net and shattered the backboard in a million pieces. "It happened in pregame practice. I just hit it too hard," he said about the event.

Some may hope he has a little more mercy on the football field, but it doesn't appear so. When describing his best hit in high school that he remembers, he told the story about a game against Pahokee and their quarterback.

"My best hit was against the Pahokee quarterback, he was scrambling away from me, but he happened to just fall back in my lap," he said with a grin I could see through the phone. "I just got up and looked at him for a minute standing over him. I knew he would be down for a while, but I wasn't concerned, this is football.

"It's amazing and just a burst of energy (to make the big hit) and the best thing is to just get a clean shot on someone."

One thing with Westbrook and his journey to Florida, he will have a lot to learn. He has only played one season of high school football and is the real reason a lot of programs weren't on him this year. Still, he likes being the underdog in this situation.

"I think I'm not a lot of different from many of the other big time prospects," he said. "I just have a lot more to learn right now."

With Florida he loved the fit and a big part of that was the quick relationship he built with Coach Bryant Young. Young will coach the defensive tackles and Westbrook told me Wednesday he has 275 pounds on his 6-7 frame. There is a lot to work with when Young gets a hold of him.

"I liked the school and felt like it would be the best fit for me athletically and academically," he said. "With Coach Young and all of the NFL experience he has, I think I can use that to my advantage. They think with my athletic ability and my size that I can be a dominant player, I am going to use that to be the best that I can be."

Westbrook thinks his best move right now is his swim move and he attributes that to his play on the basketball court. Having a four time Pro-Bowler and 14 year NFL veteran coaching him up, he knows he will get a lot better. And Gator fans like to hear the sound of that.

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