Orange & Blue Game Photo Gallery

Spring Practice 2003 came to a close yesterday at Ben Hill Griffin stadium with the annual Orange and Blue Game. Inside are 15 photos from the scrimmage. Some of the players in this photo gallery are <b>Dallas Baker</b>, <b>Ingle Martin</b>, <b>Larry Kendrick</b>, <b>David Kenner</b>, <b>DeShawn Wynn</b>, and more.

Photo Gallery from the Orange and Blue Game

Here come the Gators...

WR Dallas Baker tipped this ball up in the air before he jumped up to haul in the touchdown.

Whoops! Jermaine McCollum got through a little too easily on this kick.

That's Dallas Baker again.  He obviously knows you only need one foot in bounds in college for the catch to count.

Pre-snap, with the Orange Team on offense.

JUCO TE David Kenner let that one bounce off his chest.

QB Ingle Martin scans the field and checks out the Blue defense.

RB DeShawn Wynn has a nice hole opened up for him by his offensive line... (see next photo)

...but the Blue defense closed it up pretty quick.

Keiwan Ratliff fields this punt.  He played both WR and DB yesterday.  He had two interceptions.

Would you like to be on the bottom of that pile?

Larry Kendrick on the kick-off return.

The kickers, as well as the punters, were kind of hit or miss yesterday.

Emmit Smith being honored at half time.  Coach Zook is to his left and though you can't see him, Athletic Director Jeremy Foley is to his right.  He received a standing ovation from the crowd.

There was a crowd of over 31,000 on hand to watch the finale of spring practice.

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