Parsons Status Remains Unknown

With the LSU win behind the Gators, head coach Billy Donovan's team is heading into the most difficult stretch of the season. The final four games will determine Florida's chances at winning the regular season SEC Championship. The first step comes Thursday night as the Gators host Georgia at 7 p.m.

OPENING STATEMENT: "We've got a very difficult week. It's the second time we'll have to play on Thursday-Saturday-Tuesday, so with four games remaining, three of them come very quickly. We've had a chance to play Georgia and it was a great game that could've gone either way. It's a team that is talented. They've got a lot of different weapons."

Q: "What's Chandler Parsons' status?"

A: "I'm not overly optimistic that he'll play. I'd like to see him and he wants to play, but the last time he did anything physically was on Friday, and he couldn't get much done at all. It's a unique situation because a lot of games in a short time, and we have some days to see how much progress he can make. I'm not sure he'll make the progress to play. I think we'll prepare without him, and if he can play, great."

Q: "What does Parsons bring to your team?"

A: "He has played a lot of games and is experienced. He's gotten better as the season goes on, and he's been shooting the ball well. He had a two-week period playing as well as anyone in the country. He has a better understanding of how to be aggressive. With his size, he can see over defense and pass. He can make plays on the break. He has a good feel how to play, and we do initiate offense through him."

Q: "What about the progress he has made over the years?"

A: "For a guy like Chandler, the thing that is noticeable to me is he came in here following back-to-back national championship with no leadership or direction. They had an inflated of opinion of how good they were. For two years they were humbled. It took that to allow a guy like him to look deep inside to see where he can get better. It's his approach and how he leads in the years—it's rewarding for me to see what he has done and made this jump. I feel bad that he's hurt."

Q: "How much does experience help when you hit a stretch of three games in six days?"

A: "I think the games come quickly, so being able to move from one to the next is critical. We have a limited amount of preparation time. We've already seen Georgia, and we have one day to prepare for Kentucky, but we've already seen them, too. Experience helps, but does it help in a situation like this? I don't know. It's the second time we've done it this year, so hopefully we can respond like we have the last couple times.

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