Three-Way 5-Star Green-Beckham Wants Comfort

The Florida Gators can always find speed at receiver with a campus planted in the middle of the fastest state in the union. However, to find that speed on an athletic 6-5, 210-pound body is something that rarely if ever comes around. Dorial Green-Beckham is that special athlete who is all-State in track, basketball, and football. His father, talks about Dorial, the Gators, and his recruitment.

Dorial Green-Beckham certainly isn't your normal teenager. He's a superstar athlete that is capable of taking over a track meet, football game, or basketball game. He's also an adopted kid from a foster home who now calls Springfield (MO) Hillcrest HS head coach John Beckham his father. It hasn't always been an easy ride, but one that Dorial Green-Beckham seems to have come through with flying colors.

"He's come a long way and had a tough road, no doubt about it," Coach Beckham said of his star football player and son.

To say he has made the most of whatever opportunity he has had would be at least a mild understatement. Green-Beckham has competed and won at the highest level of every sport he competes in.

"He won the state championship in the 100 meters (10.59 seconds is fastest time) and triple jump and came in second in the long jump," coach Beckham said. "He won a state championship in basketball last year and was All-State."

His football accomplishments are causing the record keepers to continually change the state record books.

"He had 78 receptions for 1,703 yards and 15 touchdowns as a junior," Coach Beckham said. "That is a state record that he set the year before. He has the most touchdowns in a season and a career and also holds the state career record for yards."

What is not to like of Dorial Green-Beckham? The Florida Gators have certainly taken notice and made it a point to stay on top of the five-star athlete. Coach Beckham is very familiar with the new Florida staff and actually he and Dorial have been on campus at Florida as well.

"We actually visited last summer, obviously there have been a lot of changes," Beckham said. "We had a good visit."

The new staff has already paid a visit to Springfield as well. During the last recruiting cycle, offensive coordinator Charlie Weis made a trip to the school to chat with Coach Beckham and let him know the interest the Gators have.

"Coach Weis was here a few weeks ago," Beckham said. "It was a good visit. We covered a lot of ground and covered quite a few things.

"We have communicated with Aubrey Hill a few times. Coach Hill was actually recruiting him when he was at Miami, for Miami."

One thing possible factor in his recruitment to Florida would seem to be distance. His coach and father actually disagrees with that sentiment.

"I don't think distance is as big of a factor as is the easiness to get to the place," he said. "Florida, even though it isn't close, it is easy to get to every day. There is a flight from Springfield to Orlando every day on Allegiant Air. Some other schools are harder to get to."

Beckham-Green is wide open right now. However, Coach Beckham thinks Dorial has a feel for what he is looking for

"I think right now he is looking for a place where he feels comfortable with the coaches and the players," Beckham said. "He isn't looking for a particular offense. He could go to a pro-style offense or a spread. He is pretty wide open in that. He just wants a place that is a good fit."

Dad knows what he wants as well.

"I just want to make sure he gets to a place where people are going to take care of him," he said. "College athletics at that level is a grind and a difficult time for those kids. It is a huge time commitment. I want to make sure the people he's with are the right kind for people. Everyone comes here and says they will take care of him, make sure he goes to class, and graduates. I just want to make sure they follow up on that. A school with a good track record in those kinds of things is very important to us."

Coach Beckham says he and Dorial will get back to Florida, "most likely this summer" and the Gators will want to put on a show to impress. More than that, they will want to impress off the field leading up to that point.

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