Ogbueze has Four Favorites, Visits UF Soon

Finding a point guard with all the intangibles isn't easy, but Charlotte (NC) United Faith Christian Academy's Braxton Ogbueze (pronounced Og-bway-zee) is that guy. At almost 20 points, eight assists, and four rebounds a game, Ogbueze can do it all and just wants to help his team any way he can. Ogbueze went on the record with Scout.com with his favorites and his plans to visit one of them soon.

As his team prepares for the playoffs, Braxton Ogbueze is also preparing to take his show on the road and visit some schools. First thing is first though, and there are team goals to accomplish first, of which he considers himself a player that can get his the rest of his team ready as well.

"It's going good," Ogbueze said about his team's season so far and their preparation for the state playoffs. "We are just going hard every day. We are just trying to tighten everything up because its state tournament time. I consider myself a leader on the team. I like to keep everyone going and keep everyone upbeat."

Ogbueze is also sort of busy trying to sort out a college decision. He isn't ready yet, but he does know four schools that he is most interested in at this time.

"There are a lot of schools coming after me and I am just taking my time," he said. "My list right now would be Florida, Baylor, Oklahoma, and Kansas."

He went on to talk about all four programs.

Kansas: "I like them but I am just trying to see how they feel about me. I have an offer and am interested in the school. I just am not sure how bad they really want me."

Oklahoma: "I am getting a good feeling there. All of these schools, I like what they do with their guards, same with Oklahoma."

Baylor: "I really like the coaches there… they are cool. It would be a good experience and education if I went there."

Florida: "I haven't been down to Florida, but I am really, really interested in Florida. I am cool with Coach Lanier and coach Donovan seems like a cool coach. I like what they do with their guards. The main reason I like them is their guards do a great job of knowing when to distribute the ball and when they should take shots or not."

He also plans on taking a visit to see Gainesville in the very near future.

"I plan on getting down there next week," he said. "I am probably just going to make a trip. I will come with my dad, my coach, and my mom."

When it comes to making the final decision, he doesn't know when it will come, but he knows what that decision will be based on.

"It will be about the team, if there are cool people, and a good environment," he said. "I can't give an exact date but whenever it feels right, I might just go ahead and do it."

Wherever he goes, that program is going to get a play maker and one that wants to get better in everything he does.

"I have the ability to score and create shots for my teammates," Ogbueze said. "I work hard and will continue to get better. I'm certainly not perfect, but I always try and get better."

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