Kelley with Four Offers

The offers are coming in for Irvine (CA) Woodbridge HS hybrid linebacker/defensive end Kyle Kelley. Born to rush the passer, Kelley is busy growing into his position of love on the line and is already up to 220 pounds on his 6-3 frame. There is a good reason he is starting to collect offers… he has talent.

Off to a strong semester in school, Kyle Kelley is busy getting his body in shape for his senior year of football and for the throngs of college coaches that will be visiting Irvine, California to see him. He is starting to get the hang of this recruiting process.

"I am working with one of my track coaches trying to improve my explosiveness and speed and such," he said. The process has been a little bit different depending on how they contact me through email or my coach, but everything else is about what I expected."

There are four BCS conference schools with scholarship offers already verbalized to Kelley and quite a few more probably on the way.

"I have four offers, from Colorado, Arizona State, Florida, and Vanderbilt," he said. "I have been talking to Washington, Boise State, and Arizona, also in contact with UCLA and USC. My coach has been getting calls from Oklahoma."

There doesn't seem to be anyone with a leg up on Kelley at the moment. He really didn't do much with or follow football until recently.

"I didn't grow up a fan of any team in particular," he said. "I have family at Notre Dame but didn't watch college football growing up. I used to play baseball but once I hit high school I kind of bored with baseball. I just liked how fast football was."

At 6-3 and a fast growing 220 pounds, Kelley loves to play on the edge of the defensive line. He loves staring down quarterbacks and getting after them.

"I love pass rushing," he said. "Ever since I started football getting to the quarterback is what drives me to play. I think my quickness helps me make plays that other kids can't. I just love getting after the ball and just love the game."

At Woodbridge he is asked to rush the passer, but the coaching staff is starting to utilize some of his other physical tools as well.

"I want to be between 235 and 240 before the season," he said reiterating his fondness for playing on the line of scrimmage. "I am a defensive end and my coaches also have me dropping back as well. My coach wants me to be both a linebacker and defensive end in passing downs as well.

"I will also start at tight end and am the long snapper as well."

The Gators are looking for hybrid types that can play both a pass rushing defensive end and an outside linebacker that may be asked to move in space. Kelley fits the mold very well. Kelley likes what he hears from the Florida staff.

"Florida is recruiting me as a defensive end in the 4-3 and a hybrid linebacker in the 3-4," he said. "I talk to Coach Muschamp and the main coach I have been talking to is Coach Bryant Young, he is recruiting me. He said he isn't recruiting this area but is recruiting me. "Coach Young is really nice and fun to talk to. I just love talking to him and he is just a really good guy."

His spring and summer plans include getting to see some of the schools that have offered and however many more he can fit into his schedule.

"I am just listening to everyone and trying to figure out which schools I am going to go visit," he said. "I want to see which ones are the best fits for me. I have one visit to Colorado on April 9 for their spring game. I am also trying to get to Florida and Vanderbilt by the end of spring."

He likes things about all the schools that have offered.

"Arizona State has an outstanding business school and also a good football program," he said. "Vanderbilt has great academics and I am very interested in them. Florida has great school spirit and football team and I know they have great academics as well. Colorado…I've seen pictures of it and it is beautiful and I like the coaches I have been talking to over there.

How far is he willing to go from home? Distance will not be a factor in his decision making process according to Kelley. He just wants the school that feels right to him.

"Distance is not going to matter at all, it is just whatever school fits me," he said. "My parents want me to go to the best school for me and will follow me anywhere.

"I am looking for a great environment, the people there and atmosphere they provide. I want to have good coaches and when I visit I will see the coaches and how they coach. Academics are a huge thing for me too."

We'll be hearing a lot more from Kyle Kelley in 2011, so stay tuned to FOX Sports and for the latest on this fast rising defender.

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