Gators on Top for Georgia Forward

Brandon Morris is a state champion… again. He's also one of the more highly sought after big men in the country. The Lithonia (GA) Miller Grove forward will turn a little bit of his attention to recruiting now that he just helped his team win another state title. He has four at the top and the Florida Gators are sitting pretty right now.

Brandon Morris averages 11 points and seven rebounds for Miller grove and finished off the state championship game in style with 11 points and 10 rebounds. College coaches are coming from everywhere to see and offer Morris and he says they just like the way he can do different things.

"They like my versatility and they say I am an active player," he said. "Billy Donovan likes that I am an active player and that at my height he likes how I can handle the ball. He says I could really help out his team."

Because of his body type and his style of game, folks around him often compare him to one of the NBA's best and another champion on the Lakers. He hopes to be a little more intimidating as he matures into his senior season.

"I think I am going to have to dominate with my style of play," he said. "I think I will play small forward at the next level. I want to play like Kevin Durant, being that I am left handed and that I am tall and lanky, they say I play like Lamar Odom. The way I back down the smaller defenders or take the bigger defenders off the dribble."

With his success, offers and all the accolades, Morris understands he has some things to work on and knows he has some real strengths that can make him a better player.

"I need to improve my shooting and my decision making," he said. "Once I get better at those I should be a real force to be reckoned with. I am really good with driving the ball and I think strengths of mine are my lean in ability and my athleticism."

Schools from everywhere have been to see him and have offered scholarships to play Division-1 basketball.

"I have offers from Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia State, Nevada, Alabama, and more and I think Missouri just offered me too." He said. I'm looking hard at Florida, Georgia, Clemson, and Auburn, but mainly I am focusing on Florida right now. Those are at the top but I am still listening to everyone."

He talked a little bit about his four favorites.

Georgia: "I like the coach, Fox is a great coach. I like his style of play. I like the atmosphere there and I have been on their campus."

Auburn: "I like their new coach and love their new gym. I can also see me fitting in their style of play as well."

Clemson: "They have a great coaching staff. Coach (Earl) Grant has shown me a lot of love. My mom likes Clemson and Georgia, but she is really starting to like Florida as well."

The Gators are sitting on top right now for Morris and there are several reasons why.

"Billy Donovan is a great man," he said. "He is the coach of the year. I can see myself putting all my trust in him and have him help me get to that next level and to my dream. Coach Lanier really keeps in touch with me. It is really their interest. I can really see and feel that they have interest and faith in me.

"Billy Donovan says he wants me to get up there and step into Chandler Parson's shoes and I plan on going down for a visit to meet some players on my spring break."

Clemson and Georgia had momma's heart early, but Florida's Head Coach has really begun to catch her attention as well.

"She's been talking about Florida lately," Morris said. "Georgia and Clemson were my first two offers and she met them first. She really likes Billy Donovan. She likes the way he talks and coaches his players during the game. She focuses on him in a game, his movements and the way he interacts. She says she likes his style."

The Gators have a long way to go to land Morris who says he will take his time in the recruiting process.

"I have no timetable for a decision," he said. "I am going to wait till my senior year to make it. The decision will be based off of which coach can help me the most and which one I trust the most."

A "pretty good" student, Morris says he grew up liking North Carolina before his allegiance moved to the Gators during their championship years. He says he is just a normal kid with a passion for basketball.

"I just hang around the house, chill, and socialize with guys in the neighborhood," he said. "I probably spend about 13 hours a week in the gym. During AAU season I go even more because of training."

Brandon Morris is certainly high on the Gators' radar and he has them high on his radar. With other teams right there in the mix, this will be one recruitment we will have to play close attention to.

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