Spring Will be a Continuous Evaluation

Will Muschamp already has the first eleven spring practices mapped out, but he knows that doesn't mean they'll all go as planned. The coaches are implementing new schemes on both sides of the ball, so the first-year head coach realizes the schedule could change every day based on how quickly the team picks up the scheme.

"We do believe a little bit of the theory of throw it on the wall, see what sticks, and keep throwing it on the wall until it does stick," Muschamp said. "But then it also goes back to your evaluation of players, what can they handle, how well do they learn, how much can they take and that's part of the evaluation, too."

The schemes will require physical repetition to learn, but the tough part for the coaching staff to gauge will be the mental aspect of it. It requires players to put in work off the practice field and out of the football facility by learning and studying the playbook on their own.

Muschamp is excited to get his players on the field for the first time on Wednesday, but it also allows him the chance to begin seeing which players work the hardest off the field, too.

"We have to do a good job of evaluating our team not just from a speed strength play making ability," Muschamp said. "That's important, but also from a mental capacity of being able to handle adjustments, change, terminology. I mean, there's a lot being thrown at them right now."

THIN POSITIONS: The depth chart isn't particularly deep at some positions, but it's the line of scrimmages that has the head coach the most worried. After coaching at LSU and Auburn, Muschamp knows that his team has to build depth on the offensive and defensive lines to be able to have success this season.

"We are thin on both lines of scrimmage at this point, and we would like to address that," Muschamp said. "I like the quality of players, and I like the quantity of players and in this league, the SEC is a line of scrimmage league. You'd better be good up front or you're going to have some long days."

The senior-led offensive line Florida had in 2010 struggled to protect quarterback John Brantley, and it might have been worse in the run game. If they don't improve in 2011, the offense could struggle as bad. Muschamp cited a trust and respect for offensive line coach Frank Verducci's expertise, but the unit has a long way to come and there aren't many bodies for depth.

"You have to be able to protect the quarterback and obviously dent the run game offensively and play blocks defensively up front and get off blocks and make plays, because this is a tough league," Muschamp said. "It's a line of scrimmage league, and we are going in a little bit thin but that's the cards that are dealt and that's the way we'll play them."

HOTEL LIFE: Muschamp also noted that he is still living in a Gainesville hotel, despite taking the job three months ago. The first reason he stated was that "they make the bed every day."

"The bed thing is pretty nice," Muschamp quipped. "My wife, 11 years, she (hasn't) made a bed. No, she has, so don't put that out there. I'm dealing with this long distance thing enough."

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