Move to Florida Made Sense for Weis' Family

The call that changed Charlie Weis' circumstances came at the perfect time. Near the end of his first season as the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, Weis and his wife drew up their arrangements for the following season. They were centered around the well being of their daughter, Hannah, who has special needs.

The plan wasn't ideal, but the couple decided it would have to do—until he got a call from Will Muschamp.

Weis' daughter had a tough year when the family moved to Kansas City. Weis signaled the need for her to be in "her normal comfort zone" of South Bend, and the transition to a new location was difficult.

Charlie Weis and his wife, Maura, decided that they needed to adjust for their daughter.

"Sometimes when you move, you forget about things that are really important in life," Weis said.

The arrangement for the following year would put Maura and Hannah back in South Bend, where the Weis family has a charity set up to help children affected by developmental disorders. Charlie would be in Kansas City with the Chiefs, and his son, Charlie Jr., would be off for his freshman year of college. Neither of the four wanted the family to be split into three cities.

"We really didn't think that made a lot of sense," Weis said.

Then Will Muschamp got involved.

Weis got the call from the newly named Florida head coach near the end of December, and the pieces started to come together in his mind. It wouldn't perfectly settle the issue with his daughter, but it would give the family more stability, and it included the opportunity for his son to attend Florida.

The new offensive coordinator also said that his wife is a "horse person," so that buying a house in the Ocala area was a perk for her.

"I've got serious brownie points on that end right there, too," Weis quipped.

Weis didn't know much about Muschamp, other than the close relationship that Weis has maintained with Texas head coach Mack Brown. The glowing reports from Brown were the final push Weis needed to take the job in Gainesville, but it wouldn't have happened without the perfect fit for his family.

"So the fact that I can take care of my wife and my daughter and my son and kind of mesh everything together, it's really as simple an answer as that one," Weis said. "As far as the transition goes, it's been a very smooth transition."

The football aspect was appealing, too. Weis admitted to admiring the Florida program when Urban Meyer was at the helm, winning two national championships in his first four seasons as the head coach.

"I've admired Urban [Meyer] in this program from afar for getting beat on the recruiting trails a whole bunch of times. And seriously, when you get beat on the recruiting trail a whole bunch of times, which I did, and he ends up winning two National Championships and I get fired, I think maybe I came to the right place. No one ever said I was stupid."

On the recruiting trail, he doesn't go to high schools or homes with any of his four Super Bowl rings on his fingers. There's always one in his pocket, though. He chooses the biggest one, and it's also the most recent, coming from a Super Bowl XXXIX victory for the New England Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles.

"When I first got the job at Notre Dame, I used to wear it then," Weis said of the ring. "I got chastised so many times by the media by every coach about wearing those gaudy rings, so I stopped doing that. And my line, I used to have the same stupid line you want the same stupid line? I'll give it to you. I said, "Honey, if I could just get them to look at my hand instead of my face, I'll have a good, legitimate chance of recruiting."

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