Johnson Hopes He Made a Big Impression

Tuesday's Pro Scout day at the University of Florida was far from the most interesting in school history. Florida appears to have just one player, Mike Pouncey, who is likely to hear his name called in the first three rounds of the NFL selection process. Add to that uncertainty about the players and owners reaching an agreement anytime soon and the day had kind of a strange feel to it.

I mean when a punter (Chas Henry) is throwing the passes at a Pro Scout day workout you know it's a bit out of the ordinary.

Among those hoping to impress was offensive lineman Carl Johnson. The 6-5, 350-pound blocker went through the hour or so workout and afterwards spoke with me and some other media types. The first thing he talked about was about what he hoped to show the NFL people.

"They already know I've got power and stuff like that so I've got to show more agility and more quick-twitch muscles."

LV: Does it seem strange that so much emphasis is placed on days like this when you've played as much football as you have?

"I guess each person wants to watch his investment up close in person. Tape is one thing, but seeing someone in person is completely different so you've got to take it in stride. All the scouts are here for one purpose and that's to see you perform and evaluate if you can play at the next level."

LV: Anyone giving you any particular indication when they might want to grab you?

"Not really. Everyone tells you you're a great athlete and that you're a real prospect and that if you couldn't play you wouldn't be at these (events). None of them are going to give away their strategy so I guess I'm gonna wait ‘til April 25."

LV: When you look to your future so you see yourself primarily as a guard?

"That's the vibe I'm getting from the (people at) the next level, mostly guard but I don't really care as long as I play."

LV: Do you think showing the versatility of having played both is going to help you?

"Oh definitely. I think the more versatile you are the more they can use you at two or three positions. The more positions you can play the better you are I think NFL-wise."

LV: Do you think the success Maurkice Pouncey had last year might help you ion terms of how the NFL looks at Gator linemen?

"I think that helps all of us a whole lot. The vibe I've been getting at the combine is that the Florida O-lineman is a hot thing commodity this year. I'm trying to pump that up as high as I can and try to get me something to eat off that pub. All congratulations to 'Keece'. It sucked that his ankle went out. I was rooting for him and I want a Gator to win the Super Bowl but that's how the dice rolled."


Johnson says he is not too concerned about the NFL lockout and that too many people love the game to shut it down for 2011. He says he's hearing some indications that he could be chosen in the third to fifth rounds next month.

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