Pittman Takes in Gators' Practice

It is one thing to hear from coaches how things are going to be run and it is another to see it with your own eyes. Latroy Pittman has been committed to the Florida Gators since last August and took in his first practice at Florida since that commitment. He liked what he saw and will be back very soon.

Latroy Pittman lives about 40 minutes away in North Marion County, but because of school was never able to make it up for practice time to watch the Gators. He got an eye full of what being a Gator was like on Wednesday.

"I was there for about four hours," he said about his trip to Gainesville. "We went on a campus tour. They showed me the dorms and everything like that."

He was also able to witness the inaugural practice of the Will Muschamp era and liked what he saw.

"I felt like for the first day there was a lot of intensity," he said. "They were getting on them and making sure everyone knew their assignments. It looked like a learning day."

"It seemed like everyone knew where they should go, there wasn't much correcting to do. That kind of shocked me. It shows they did a lot of work in the off-season."

Asked what he took from it, Pittman could feel from the staff that when the whistle blows on the practice field it is like the horn sounding on a big construction site.

"It was all about ‘just come to work'," he said.

He got to watch a little bit of how Florida receiver coach Aubrey Hill coached the receivers.

"I liked how Coach Hill interacted with his guys," he said. "He seemed real passionate about his job. He talked a lot about catching the ball and being the best receiver you can be at all times."

"Coach Muschamp was real intense, every little thing… he was on top of it. He wasn't letting anyone walk on the field. It was all jogging between drills while on the field. It was a high tempo practice."

He even sized up the group of receivers and a few stood out to him.

"The receivers looked pretty good," Pittman said. "Quinton Dunbar had a heck of a catch. Deonte Thompson stood out as well as Andre Debose and Chris Dunkley who both displayed their speed."

Pittman who played well himself at the Badger Sport 7 on 7 tournament this past weekend has the size and speed to be a big time threat at Florida. He can't wait to get back to see his future team again.

"I am coming back up Friday and Saturday," he said. "I am just ready to get up there and get with the guys and get up there and play. I expect great things from this team. It is a work in progress but I expect great things."

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