Murphy Adjusting to New Offensive Style

The coaching change hit some on the Florida football roster more than others. The change from a spread option attack to a pro-style offense is going to be dramatic for quarterbacks. Redshirt freshman Tyler Murphy was worried about the change at first, but has quickly come around and is eager to compete.

After one day of practice in front of Florida offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Charlie Weis Tyler Murphy feels like things are going just fine.

"So far everything is good," he said to the media gathered on Thursday. "I am trying to focus on detail and trying to pay attention to the little things and get better and just learn from Charlie Weis and his experience."

For Murphy in particular, the change in offense is a big one. In high school he was being recruited as a quarterback and a receiver. His athletic ability is what sets him apart from the other guys. In the end, he likes the change in terms of what it does for the team.

"That was tough …when I found out we were switching to a pro-style offense I didn't know what to think," he said. "It is for the better. and the team is happy and we're having fun with it.

The Gators had issues at quarterback last year and through it all Murphy didn't play. Most freshmen quarterbacks don't play anyway and he said he wasn't ready to contribute despite the offensive woes.

"I just really wasn't ready," Murphy said of his freshman year. "That is something I am not afraid to say… Really, (it was) just mentally not being there. This year I am building confidence. I am learning and getting the system down and getting my feet wet. I am having a lot of fun with it, I am learning a lot and it is a lot of fun.

"I am trying to focus on myself and pay attention to detail and learn what Coach Weis brings to the table."

Murphy is battling returning starter John Brantley and newcomer Jeff Driskel. The latter is a hot shot true freshman that came to campus early with all of the accolades out of high school as the nation's top prep quarterback. Not many are giving Murphy much of a chance to win the job over Driskel.

"It doesn't bother me," Murphy said. "I don't pay attention to that stuff. We are both working together to help each other out and learn the system. I'm learning from him, he's learning from me. We both answer each other's' questions and help each other. We are both going out and competing. There is an opening, so we are going out and competing and trying to do what is best for the team."

Murphy has a little bit different skill set than the others at his position, but he knows none of that matters at this point.

"I know Jeff can run and John can do a little bit of running," he said. "We all do a little bit of everything and it is up to the coaches to figure it out. We are all getting equal reps and a fair shot. Come the fall none of us will be upset, we'll all be content with the decision and know we got a fair chance."

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