Reed Happy to Play One Position

There were times when Jordan reed had fun in 2010, but there is no doubt about it, he was spread too thin with everything he had on his plate on offense. Reed started out as a tight end and moved to quarterback and back and forth. He's a tight end now and happy about being in one place and a spot he believes he can help the Gators. Reed is looking forward to working in Florida's new offense.

Sophomore Jordan Reed was spectacular at times as a spread option quarterback in 2010 for the Florida Gators. He also made a few dynamic plays at tight end. Reed relishes a chance to concentrate on one position.

"I played tight end last year too, I just mixed it up," he said. "This year hopefully I will get better and focus in on tight end. It is kind of relief, I can just focus on getting better at one thing and don't have to be a jack of all trades."

At the highest level of football, Reed projects as a tight end and with Charlie Weis and his offense in town, he will be working in a pro-style offense. Things have a way of working out some times.

"I am happy that I am at the position and going to keep working hard at it," reed told the media Thursday. "At tight end I am more of a pass catcher. I need to work on my blocking. I am just trying to work hard every day and get better. There are some real good tight ends in our group right now, so I can't take time off if I'm going to be a starter."

Reed believes Florida's roster has plenty of quality personnel to run the Charlie Weis offense. He believes he can make an impact in different ways.

"I thought it was good, we have the right kind of guys for it and I think we will be alright. I just want to help out any way I can with the offense, if it is me getting the ball that will be good. If it's me blocking….any way I can help."

Reed is a primo athlete, but he understands he has to work on his blocking and knows he has to add some weight and strength to make that happen. He's down to 235 pounds right now and feels he just needs to add a little more.

"I have to gain more weight," he said. "I lost a lot of weight in the offseason because we did a lot of running."

Jordan Reed is one of many players on Florida's roster that will has to change his identity within the team. The attitude seems there, it is a matter of making the transition to being a more physical player.

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