Debose Expects to Play Everywhere

It is his sophomore year and he expects a lot more out of himself in 2011 than we saw as a freshman in 2010. Andre Debose showed flashes of brilliance in 2010, a new year, new offense, and a new beginning for Debose and crew has him excited for what is to come.

Part of that excitement is knowing ahead of time that he will get a chance to play as an inside and outside receiver, once he learns what he is doing.

"It's a lot different, a totally different offense than last year," Andre Debose told the Florida media late last week. "Going through winter workouts… we are really anxious to get on the field and do football instead of just conditioning."

"I am just trying to learn and soak in all the information that Coach Weis has for us. I really can't tell you what all they are going to do with me, it is basically (gathering) information now." Debose has really grown to appreciate new receiver's coach Aubrey Hill and what he brings to the table.

"It was an experience with me being in somewhat close relationship with my coach last year and have him taken away, it was kind of challenging." Debose said. "But, I love Coach Aubrey Hill and he's accepting us the same way we are accepting him."

Debose has a new release on life as a receiver and it starts with being healthy for the first day of spring practice.

"This is my first spring I can practice in the first day of practice, so everything is pretty new to me too," he said. " I am just trying to pick up the way practice is going and just enjoying everything."

Debose wants a chance to prove himself all over the field and that means lining up in multiple positions to take advantage of his many skills. "I see my role everywhere, inside or outside," he said. "I am able to play anywhere. It won't affect me at all."

First, he and the other receivers have to learn the new offense and terminology brought to Florida by offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. "The transition was kind of bumpy at first when Coach Weis presented the playbook to us and we saw the terminology he used and the words," he said. " As we went on and started learning the terms, everything started making sense."

Debose is also ready to lose the identity he has been given as a player that doesn't go 100% all the time.

"My main goal this spring is to show that I have a great work ethic," he said of his time this spring. "A lot of people were saying I don't work hard, I just want to show that I do work hard. It could have been better (last year), but this year it will be way better.

He pointed out that the adjustments learning the offense a year ago were an issue for him and made him appear lazy as he was learning on the fly. "Just not understanding the plays as much made me slow down and that just made me run a little slower," he said.

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