Q & A With Vernon Macklin

Find out what Vernon Macklin had to say about his role in Florida's journey to the Elite 8.

Vernon Macklin spoke with the media after Florida's overtime win over BYU.

Q: Were you all pretty calm in OT?

A: Yea, we're pretty calm. We're always pretty calm. Coach Donovan does a great job of remind us it's time to go back and play and that this is what we play for. Chandler came in the huddle and said this is either their five minutes or our five minutes and let's keep playing. That's what we did.

Q: What's your reaction to making it to the Elite 8?

A: I'm glad to be a gator and I'm happy we made it to the Elite 8 and I've been here before with Georgetown but it definitely didn't feel like this. I didn't really have anything to do with them making it to the Elite 8 but now I'm a major factor on this team and I'm glad we're here.

Q: Does this show how close you guys are? Was it as simple as just believing that you guys were better than those guys in overtime?

A: We just have a lot of confidence in our starting five, our coaching staff and our bench. That's what we wanted to do. We wanted to play with confidence, make smart decisions and we did that.

Q: BYU obviously didn't want you to score. Talk about trying to get past that.

A: Yea, no question. Coach Donovan told me before the game to just keep the ball in play and not rush anyone. I think I had one turnover but other than that I just wanted to find guys and I found Chandler driving for a layup in over time and I also found Kenny for a three...I just wanted to be a good facilitator and go low...I just wanted to go out there and get the win.

Q: Do you feel like some guys settled for threes? You guys took a lot of threes in this game.

A: I don't think so. I think they took the shot that was there and they made them.

Q: I guess Billy told you you have to get the ball inside here. That's where this game's going to be won.

A: Definitely. I didn't want to be a ball hog. When I got the ball I just looked to the opposite side and found my players for open shots.

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