Ferguson with Three on Top

You can talk to receiver Justin Ferguson one time and realize he is a leader. Heading into his senior year at Pembroke Pines (FL) Flanagan, Ferguson will be assuming a leadership role for an offense that has a new quarterback. Ferguson's recruitment is heating up and shares some of what is going on with FOX Spots and Scout.com.

When we reached Justin Ferguson late at night he was just leaving from his second workout of the day. It is the norm with the 6-2, 200 pound flash of a receiver from south Florida. He is trying to get himself in shape for a big senior season.

"I work out every day," Ferguson told Scout.com. "I work after school with my teammates then I come home and do my homework, then work out some more and then jog."

He is looking for a big senior year for Flanagan and understands that he will have to do more than just show up and play in the games and helping out the team's new quarterback.

"I think we are going to be pretty good, but the only question we might have is our quarterback," he said. "He has a lot of potential and I like him a lot. He is a senior, but we had another quarterback last year and so he is new.

Ferguson makes it a point to push his teammates toward a strong off-season and eventually a big year.

"I think I am a leader, especially on the field," he said. "On Monday, we were running and a couple of my teammates were falling behind and ready to stop and I kept after them. I think I keep my guys motivated and stuff."

He is having a strong junior year in the classroom and Ferguson is working harder to improve an already decent GPA. This recruiting thing is a little different than he thought it would be and has just come on really strong recently with offers from many of Florida's top schools among others.

"I wasn't expecting it to be like this," Ferguson said. "It popped up out of nowhere. I have offers from Florida State, Florida, Notre Dame, FIU, and UCF."

Ferguson has already been taking trips to see some of these schools and has a big one planned for next month some time.

"I visited Florida (February), Florida State (January), I am going to Notre Dame next month," he said. "I have visited FIU and Miami and am going to visit UCF."

He is nowhere ready to limit the schools he will look at but says three of the schools that have offered are at the top for now.

"I have a list of three top schools but I wouldn't call them favorites," he said. "In no particular order my three top schools are Florida State, Florida, and Notre Dame."

He talked some about the three.

Florida State: "They are the first school that showed interest and that is a plus for me. I like the vibe they give. The coaches are cool. They seem to be in to me offensively. The campus is real good. I talked to a couple of players and there was some real positive feedback, so they have a lot going on."

Notre Dame: "I like the offense… the spread offense. The coach there is going to do some great things. I don't know too much about them, but I am going to go take a visit up there and see how it is."

He seemed really impressed with Florida's academics and the whole atmosphere surrounding his trip to Gainesville.

"I visited Florida for Junior Day," he said. "This won't really be a part of my decision, but I really liked their facilities. The campus is real nice. They have a great education system. The school presented itself really well to me."

He also got some face time with a few of Florida's coaching staff and came away impressed as they did with him.

"The coaches showed a lot of interest and I got a chance to sit down with them," he said of his Junior Day visit. I talk to Coach Aubrey Hill weekly and he is recruiting me. I talked to Coach Muschamp once. We had a good little conversation and he showed a lot of interest in me. I talked to Coach Weis as well."

Like everyone, the Gators are intrigued with his size and just how fast he is at that size. His athletic ability would allow him to pose matchup problems all over the field.

"They like that I am versatile and they could use me inside or outside as a slot or flanker," he said. "I only played one game at slot and it wasn't one of my best games. I wouldn't say I don't like it, but I just like it better outside."

About that, Ferguson says he can use his strength to fight off defenders and that is the reason he continues to work hard in the weight room. A former fan of Terrell Owens and his physical style of play, Ferguson has grasped on to Dez Bryant and the way he plays the game now.

"Most cornerbacks are smaller than me," he said. "It is easier for me to get off the jam. I can even catch the short ball and get around them. I don't think I would be where I am now without my strength. I don't think any cornerback can jam me. I have been working out like I have, to keep that from happening."

Ferguson says he knows what he is looking for in a program.

"It will be about the education," he said. "I am also looking to see where I am comfortable and what offense is best for me."

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