Alli Trying to be more Consistent

Florida head coach Will Muschamp has said multiple times that he wants to see more consistent play out of the wide receivers. The receivers themselves agree, too. Stephen Alli knows there is room for improvement on the practice field. Despite learning a new offense, the players know there isn't an excuse for the inconsistent play the receivers have been showing.

"It's just about us being consistent," Stephen Alli said. "Sometimes we'll have a great day where we'll catch several deep balls down the field, and some days we won't catch as many or miss blocks.

"Every ball that comes our way, we should catch it."

Learning the offense has made things easier. The players struggled with fundamentals early in the spring because of everything running through their mind. They were trying to get used to playing for an entirely new coaching staff, while also under the pressure of learning the offense Charlie Weis was putting in.

While players comfortable in a system can play without thinking, the Florida players can sometimes over think instead of just allowing their athleticism to take over.

Now that the players feel comfortable with the offense, they're noticing it's not as different as they thought. There are similar concepts in it, and the toughest part was learning all of the new terminology.

"There are some similarities with route concepts," Alli said. "In the end, it's still football. You get open, catch the ball and score touchdowns. There are similarities in that way, but just the way that we put everything together is a little different."

The players do agree the offense should be tougher to defend. They see multiple looks that the defenses will be forced to prepare for. There are different ways to get the ball to playmakers.

"We have different ways to get the ball now," Alli said. "We're more down field, but there are still short routes, too. It's just a different way to spread the ball around."

Alli expects more out of himself this year, too. Last season was tough for him on and off the field, and while he wasn't happy to see the old coaching staff leave, the new staff has given him energy and an excitement to perform.

"My confidence is a lot better than last year," Alli said. "Last year, I felt like I wouldn't be used, but now I have a chance to make an impact on the team. That has improved my play all around."

The redshirt sophomore has been working out as the X receiver, but he has recently started working with the offense starting at a receiver position closer to the line of scrimmage. His goal is to get more comfortable with the offense, including running the short and deep routes. However, it seems clear to him that the coaches expect him to be a deep threat this season.

"It's a lot of deep routes, and that's what we're working on mostly with me, too," Alli said.

The added confidence is also seeping through the offense. Alli sees quarterback John Brantley excelling in the offense, too. It didn't take long for the players to see that the new offense is a better fit for Brantley's skill set, but he is also taking on an improved leadership role this spring.

"Brantley is Brantley," Alli said. "He's more confident and a great quarterback. He is doing what he needs to do to be a leader on this team, but he's really stepping up. He has seen a lot more since he has been on the field more. He has seen the adverse situations, so his experience naturally comes out that way."

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