Bostic Trying to Lead

It is a new year and new system for everyone on the Florida football team, but there are always going to be different levels of learning and what each person has to take in from a new staff and the systems they bring in. Junior Jon Bostic has had a steady amount of playing time in his first two years and so one of the big things for him is learning how to be a leader on defense.

Jon Bostic and the Gators defense scrimmaged this past weekend and the 6-2, 240-pound middle linebacker liked a lot of what went on.

"We saw a lot of good things," Bostic told the media earlier this week. "We still have to figure out what we are doing and a lot of people are getting banged up on the offensive line."

There is a lot to learn with the new schemes that are being brought in. In particular on defense, they have more exact plays. There are actually more fully designed plays with specific name calls that the defense will have to learn than in years past. It is all part of the design from head coach Will Muschamp.

"He is throwing a lot of different stuff at us," Bostic said. "For some of the young guys it is a little overwhelming, but some guys that were here last year get some carry over. I wouldn't say it is concepts, really it is just a lot more plays. A lot more plays than in the past."

Dan Quinn is Florida's new defensive coordinator and according to Bostic has a way of really getting the players to understand what he wants from them.

"I like it and I know a lot of the young guys like it too," Bostic said of Quinn's teaching. "He sits down and makes sure you understand the concepts and what is going on out on the field and talks everything through with you."

Bostic also mentioned that the staff wants him and fellow linebacker Jelani Jenkins to be more in charge of the group than they have been in the past.

"They want Jelani and me both to take more of a leadership role out there," Bostic said. "That is basically what we are trying to do. Sometimes I may take over the front and he may take over the secondary. We will split up the work out there."

The SAM linebacker position has changed faces a few times this spring as they rotate to try and get the best players. An injury on offense has also pushed some of this.

"They are rotating," he said of the SAM or strong side linebacker position. "Some tight ends went down and they borrowed Gerald Christian for a couple of days. Everyone is trying to jump in there and trying to find the best guys to put out there. Basically everyone that has gotten in there has done a good job. Chris Martin has had his shot, Gideon Ajagbe has had his shot. When they are in there they know they have to step up."

In 2010, the pass rush was almost nonexistent at times. Bostic said he is seeing the defense penetrate the line of scrimmage a lot more this spring.

"This defensive line is a big difference from last year," he said. Dominique Easley… that is the fastest I have ever seen someone get-off the ball. (Earl Okine) is stepping it up this year and we are going to need him."

One other way the defense will improve this spring is by facing Florida's offense. The multiple looks out of the same personnel has made the defense really stay on their toes this spring.

"Just all the different looks they are giving us," Bostic said about what has been tough about defending Charlie Weis' offense. "They run a lot of combination routes with receivers and the way they run their routes. It helps out as a defense as we see that we may need to change this or that."

He could see a big difference in the design of the offense very quickly this spring.

"I noticed that from the first practices in the way that the receivers and tight ends are running pass routes," he said. "I noticed Brantley is looking real good too."

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