Dunbar Maturing and Working Hard

There was a lot of back room talk a year ago about how well Quinton Dunbar was doing in practice and that he was actually one of the best receivers on campus. Yet, he never saw the field during the season. The accolades for Dunbar are coming full force this spring and he will be the first to tell you that hard work and some maturity on his part are the reasons things are going much better.

The increase in maturity level for Quinton Dunbar is evident when you talk to him and you see how the freshman Florida receiver from Miami is adjusting to a new offensive system.

"It is a good experience," he told the media last week. "We get to go out there and grind and get a little better."

Working hard is what will get you on the field and make you a better player. Dunbar is starting to understand all of that.

"I feel like I am having a solid spring, but I am just getting better and think I can get better each and every day," he said. "I am just being me, working hard and going out there and making plays.

"I feel like I am more mature, last year I was immature. I feel like I have grown and work harder. Last year there were days when I felt like doing nothing and this year I want to go out there and grind every day."

Dunbar is appreciative of his chance to work in Charlie Weis' high powered pro-style offense. It is an offense that can take advantage of someone with his speed and size.

"I love the offense, I feel like it fits me," he said. "It gives us an opportunity to make plays at the receiver position and to make plays in the running game. I feel it is balanced.

"We have a long way to go, but it is clear to us that whatever (Coach Weis) brings to the table works. We see glimpses of it each and every day, so we are very excited to get better.

"It excites all of us, the receivers and running backs. We know he has had success in college and the pros. We are just following the schemes and getting better."

Aubrey Hill returned to his alma mater to coach receivers after coaching the same position at Miami the last few years. Dunbar was recruited at Miami by Hill and loves what the Gator Great receiver brings to the table.

"Coach Hill is a great coach," Dunbar said. "He teaches us but is not only a coach but like a father to us. He is about business on the field. Off the field he jokes with us. We know the difference between off the field and on the field."

It is too early to tell for certain, but it appears that Quinton Dunbar should be in store for a big season at Florida with an offense that better suits the physical attributes that he brings to the table.

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