Murphy Not Satisfied With Spring Performance

With the buzz that Tyler Murphy created with his spring game performance, it's tough to imagine the redshirt freshman being down on himself after the game. However, he was. It wasn't about mistakes that were noticed, either. Murphy knew he threw the ball well and hit open receivers in stride, but there were smaller mistakes that bugged him when the game was over.

"It's just stuff like getting sacked in a two-minute offense instead of throwing the ball out of bounds," Murphy said. "We had fourth-and-goal, and I didn't throw the ball in the end zone. It's stuff like that on mental errors during plays. It's stuff I have to work on to improve."

It doesn't seem like anything serious, especially with a redshirt freshman that went 7-for-11 for 68 yards and a touchdown through the air during his first time in front of a crowd of 53,000 in The Swamp.

He won't rest on that performance though.

Murphy is happy with the way it went, but he knows there will always be plenty of room to get better.

"I made some plays, and then I made some mental errors, too," Murphy said. "I've got to focus on getting better in the offseason while watching film and learning from my mistakes."

The mental game took a big step forward this spring under offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Charlie Weis.

"Coach Weis is a really good teacher," Murphy said. "He knows the X's and O's, and he knows technique. You really have to pay attention to detail with him."

Weis has helped Murphy improve the fundamentals of playing quarterback, but it's the mental process of the position that Weis has made the redshirt freshman aware of. Murphy has learned what it takes to be a quarterback off the field in film study, and he plans to do plenty of that during the offseason.

"It's the mental part of the game," Murphy said. "I'm just working hard and learning a lot more. The guys are really pushing me and helping me out. I give the credit to the team for my confidence. We're all just working hard to get better."

Murphy split the reps this spring with senior John Brantley and freshman Jeff Driskel. Jacoby Brissett will be added to the mix when he gets to campus in the summer, and the Gators will have four capable quarterbacks for the first time in a while.

The competition during the spring allowed Murphy to learn from Brantley and Driskel, and that alone was an important experience.

"They're both great quarterbacks," Murphy said. "John is the leader on the team, and he's the guy on the team. I'm just trying to learn from John and with Jeff, we're both just learning to pick up the offense and giving each other feedback. We're working off each other. He's giving me tips, and I'm giving him tips. We're trying to help each other so that the best guy can be on the field and play, and that's John. He's the leader of the team."

It hasn't stopped Murphy from competing, but the redshirt freshman knows the odds are Brantley will start the fall under center for the Gators. That hasn't slowed Murphy's desire to improve and fight for any spot he can on the field, but he recognizes the senior's importance to the team.

"He's the senior of the team with the experience," Murphy said. "We go as he goes, and he's worked really hard in the offseason. He is the guy."

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