The Ack's Mock Draft

The National Football League Draft starts on Saturday. Here is my mock draft and other possibilities.

1.Cinncinati - Carson Palmer, USC
2.Detroit - Charles Rogers, Michigan St.
3.Houston - Andre Johnson, Miami
4.Chicago - Dewayne Robertson, Kentucky
5.Dallas - Terrence Newman, Kansas St.
6.New Orleans from Arizona - Marcus Trufant
7.Minnesota - Jimmy Kennedy, Penn St.
8.Arizona from New Orleans from Jacksonville - Terrell Suggs, Arizona St..
9.Carolina - Jordan Gross, Utah
10.Baltimore - Byron Leftwich, Marshall
11.Seattle - Jonathan Sullivan, Georgia
12.St Louis - Boss Bailey, Georgia
13.New York Jets - Kevin Williams, Oklahoma St.
14.New England - Kwame Harris, Stanford
15.San Diego - William Joseph, Miami
16.Kansas City - Chris Kelsay, Nebraska
17.Jacksonville - Taylor Jacobs, Florida
18-Jacksonville - Eric Steinbach, Iowa
19.New England - Jerome McDougle, Miami
20.Denver - Michael Haynes, Penn St.
21.Cleveland - Wayne Hunter, Hawaii
22.NY Jets - Kelly Washington, Tennessee
23.Buffalo - Jason Witten, Tennessee
24.Indianapolis - Dallas Clark, -Iowa
25.New York Giants- Ty Warren, Texas A&M
26.San Fransciso - Kyle Boller, California
27.Pittsburgh - Rex Grossman, Florida
28.Tennessee - Bryant Johnson, Penn St.
29.Oakland from Green Bay - Willis McGahee, Miami
30.Philadelphia - Bennie Joppru, Michigan
31.Green Bay - Sammy Davis, Texas A&M
32.Oakland - Troy Polamalu, USC

Other Possible Moves:

Dallas could swap with Houston to grab Dewayne Robertson

New England and Jacksonville could swap so the Patriots could land Jonathan Sullivan

The key guys are Leftwich, Gross and Suggs.  If they slide to best available it could change up the whole draft.  With the first pick of the second round the Cinncinati Bengals select.....Tyrone Calico or maybe Andre Wilfork. 

Gators go in the third round:  Clint Mitchell, Ian Scott and Aaron Walker, Mike Nattiel, Todd Johnson and Tron Lafavor in the fourth round.  Earnest Graham in the sixth round and Bam Hardman in the seventh round.

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