Muschamp Feeling it from Gator Nation

Will Muschamp is closing in on his fifth month on the job as Florida's head coach and he is really starting to feel the effects of being a Gator. The premier school and program in the best high school football state in America is represented by thousands of Gators fans showing up to watch the new head coach as he tours the state to talk to them. It is an exciting time for Florida's head honcho.

There is nothing quite like being a Gator and much less the head coach of the Gators according to Will Muschamp. He is learning new things every single day. "I don't think until you are in the job that you know what you are getting into," Muschamp told the media gathered before his speaking engagement in Orlando Tuesday. "I have said it before… every job is different. Florida is different than any other job I have ever been in and in some very positive ways."

"I remember (Texas head coach) Mack Brown telling me one time about leaving North Carolina to head to Texas and he wasn't ready for the Texas job. He had been a head coach for close to 15 years. I think all jobs are different in their own right." It is only four months from kicking off the season and Muschamp understands that he is about to do something many people only get to dream about.

"I am excited to run through the tunnel and on the field in The Swamp," he said. "There is nothing like it in the world."

With that, Muschamp really puts on a positive vibe about expectations for the upcoming season.

"I think there were some very positive things to take from spring as far as installation is concerned on both sides of the ball and special teams," he said. "We feel like we identified some play makers that we feel comfortable about who can give positive production for the Gators. We need to have a great off-season and a great summer in preparation for August camp."

Muschamp is taking that positive outlook wherever he speaks and not shying away from high expectations for the new season ahead. He sounds like he really is home.

"I am excited," he said. "The University of Florida is the University of Florida. It is a special place that I grew up… in Gainesville. It's a pretty awesome experience."

And he loves the people that fill up the stands on Saturday and knows he has a duty to get out and talk to the folks in the spring like he is doing right now. He doesn't shy away from the bravado when comparing the Gator faithful to any other in college football.

"I think it is very important," he said of speaking at these Gator Gatherings. "The Gator Nation is powerful place in our nation, and number one in the state of Florida. Our fans are the best and it is always good to get out and see them."

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