Muschamp Wants to Recruit in May

The NCAA wants to hold coaches and schools accountable for the kids they bring in as far as academic progress forcing them to maintain a pace that will see them graduate. Yet, they won't allow head coaches early in the process to meet the people that surround these prospects to determine if they are the right material to be a part of their program. Will Muschamp wants to be there for all of it.

Speaking to the media before his Gator Gathering engagement in Orlando on Tuesday, Florida head coach Will Muschamp talked a little bit about him and his staff on the recruiting trail this month. Actually, it was just about his staff as Muschamp isn't allowed to show up on high school campuses in the spring due to relatively recent legislation keeping head coaches out of the spring evaluation process almost entirely.

"I wish we could evaluate," Muschamp said pertaining to the rules. "They hold us accountable for players and their behavior on campus. I think part of that evaluation is going to a school and hearing a counselor or head coach or assistant coach and the principal talk about a young man and the kind of character he is. Ultimately I am the one held responsible and I can't be on the road in May and evaluate."

The rule was changed a couple of years ago because of some coaches that really did not want to be out in May and didn't like competing with the better and more hard working recruiters around the NCAA.

"Unfortunately there are some coaches that don't want to go on the road, so they petitioned to not go on the road and they won," he said. "I disagree with the rule, but the rule is the rule."

In the meantime he will rely on the intelligence gathered from his staff that is out on the recruiting trail. The staff can be on the road for four of the five week evaluation period and seven of them can be on the road at a time. No more than two can visit a school at the same time and each school can be visited twice by the staff.

All of that means his assistant coaches are going to be flying around everywhere and seeing kids all over. Luckily, the communication process has gotten much better and they can still keep in pretty good communication.

"Right now we will be apart for a month," he said of the voyaging recruiters. "Fortunately because of cell phones and Skype and different things we are able to do within our staff we are able to talk each day about the evaluations that we see."

Muschamp quipped about Skype, which allows him to video conference with his assistants with their laptop computers.

"I can talk face to face with them… they miss me," he said.

The planning is an ongoing thing and especially for a new staff. They will reconvene in June to discuss the rest of their summer plans.

"We won't be back together as a staff until June top discuss May recruiting, where we are, and to discuss going into summer camps," he said. "We already have our summer plans for our football team."

Meanwhile, Muschamp is excited about the staff he has assembled and especially how they seem to complement each other in many ways.

"I have been very pleased with the input from the staff… some good ideas, fresh ideas, different ideas from maybe how I have done things before that have been good for our football team," he said. "There are a lot of guys in the room that have a lot of experience and some youth in the room as well. We have some enthusiastic guys and some passion. By design we have a good mix of NFL and college, by design a good mix of old and young. I think all of those things have come together well."

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