If there are Doubts, Move On

Florida head football coach Will Muschamp has been facing a little adversity in the form of transfers since he took the job in December. Whether some were forced out or not, in the end it doesn't matter to the top Gator. They will try and make things work, but if a player doesn't want to be a part of the Gators, then they just need to take their talents somewhere else.

Will Muschamp spoke Friday to about three hundred Florida fans in Jacksonville and beforehand he talked to the media. With the latest transfer of freshman running back Mike Blakely, Muschamp has been asked questions about several players that are heading elsewhere to play college ball after signing with the Gators.

There is usually a transition period for a team when a new coach arrives, but Muschamp under played that role in the recent transfers.

"I've been through transitions before," he said. "Change does promote some anxiety and uncertainty… the scheme, system or whatever you want to call it. But, I want guys that want to be at Florida. It's a great place. If they don't want to be a part of what we are trying to do and build, move on and we'll get somebody else."

One thing Muschamp is looking for in his players is mental toughness and that toughness needs to show itself during the season, when things should be at their hardest.

"If a young man thinks it is tough in January, February, March, April, and May, what is he going to think in November and October?" Muschamp asked. "If he has some doubts, move on."

In all, Muschamp insists that the unhappiness was with just a few players and that the overall group is on the road to making this a really good team. It is a little different for him to deal with as a head coach instead of a coordinator, but he has taken an approach to really gauge just how the players like the current situation at Florida.

"I am touching more people as the head coach rather than a defensive coordinator," he said. "I really believe our players have really bought into what we are doing. I think they have a great attitude."

The players went through interviews with the head coach after the spring game to make sure each and every one was on the right track.

"Based on my exit interviews after the spring game, they were unbelievably positive and supportive about what we are doing and how we are doing things," he said. "From a player's stand point, I give them plenty of opportunities if they want to tell me something that we need to do differently. We are doing a lot of things right. We have guys working awful hard and doing a lot of really good things."

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