Jordan Jenkins with Six

The recruiting process can be pretty tough for high profile athletes and so it helps when you have someone you can trust along for the ride. Hamilton (GA) Harris Co. defensive star Jordan Jenkins is on that journey and his father is along with him. Both talked with in detail about where they stand in the process and what they are getting out of it. Six teams are at the top for now.

For Ronald Jenkins, it has been a blessing to see his son honored by so many of the nation's top programs that constantly are trying to make Jordan Jenkins a part of their program. According to the elder Jenkins, Jordan can't grasp the concept of just how much it means to garner all of this attention.

"It has been exciting," Ronald said like a proud Papa. "I am proud of him. I understand the magnitude of what is going on better than he really does."

Ronald talked a little bit of just what it is that is attracting these schools to Jordan.

"I think it is his athleticism," dad said. "I think a lot of people realize that he is raw right now and when he gets the proper coaching… when they see what he is doing now based on desire and drive and strength, they see what they can do with him when they fine tune him, hone him, and train him.

"You can't teach character. You can't teach the drive he has, he hustles all the time, and he is not going to give up. He has been doing it since he was 14 and against guys bigger than him. He just has that drive in his eyes to compete as well."

A close knit family, Ronald Jenkins is planning on keeping the unit close when Jordan goes off to college. Jordan's older sister will go to the same college as Jordan when he is ready. The whole family will likely move close to the new school as well.

"The military brought us here to Georgia," he said. "When I retired from the military we were going back to Texas, but they both like the school. We're not necessarily stationary here. If he goes to a school far away, my daughter is going to go to the same school and we will probably end up moving where he goes. I would say anything more than a 3-4 hour drive for us, we will probably end up moving."

By far away, the Jenkins family is thinking no more than five hours from Hamilton, Georgia.

"I think we are far enough along now and I think Jordan is starting to realize that he doesn't really want to go more than five hours from home," dad said. "A couple of schools we were looking at, that is really going to rule them out real fast."

As a matter of fact, both Jenkins gave their top six schools but Ronald added a caveat with LSU and Clemson.

"He is focusing in on his six schools right now, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, and Georgia Tech," Mr. Jenkins said of Jordan. "He has to look at two more school's football games, Clemson and LSU more than likely, but beyond that I think he is content with the teams he has right now."

Jordan reaffirmed the top six.

"My top six are Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech," he said.

The Volunteers of Tennessee will get a visit soon for camp and Jordan has really taken a liking to Tennessee's defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox.

"I like how they coach," He said of the Vols. "I like Coach Wilcox's philosophy. I really enjoy how he interacts and gets a long with his players. He will have a pretty good defense from the looks of it so far."

Jordan Jenkins has the smarts to go anywhere and so the school at Georgia Tech is really attractive to him along with defensive coordinator Al Groh.

"They have an engineering program," Jordan said. "Also, coach Groh because he is a legend and I really like him. He is a straight forward guy and doesn't like to sugar coat things."

The defending national champion Auburn Tigers made the list as well and he likes the coaching there and the people.

"They have some pretty good defensive coaches," he said. "I get along with the new coach Pelton and he is a really great family guy. I feel great around him and the Auburn players."

The home state Bulldogs have made a late impression as well. Jenkins seems especially impressed with defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

"At first I didn't really like them that well because everyone was saying that it was a dumb school and people that can't make it into other schools go there," he said about Georgia. "I let all of that influence me. Then I got to sit down and talk with him and really liked some of the stuff that coach Grantham was doing with his defense. He sat me down and I got to see everything and what would happen. He just critiqued me and I just continued to get better. I really liked him as a coach and as a mentor.

"The system is hard, but not too hard. You know when you are rushing and when you are getting back. I just like some of the drills I learned that will make my game get better."

The Crimson Tide is also on the list and it is all about the coaching there as well.

"I have a good time there and just feel like there is a homey feel," he said. "I went to camp there and had a good time with the coaches. It is the same thing talking with Coach Sal Sunseri as it was with Coach Grantham. He broke it down for me and I got to play and see myself playing in the position I would play for them. I really like the coaches down there, Coach Smart, Coach Sal, and I really like the strength coach, Coach Coffee."

The Florida Gators are in the mix as well and they certainly drew a different perspective than the other programs.

"When you are down there in The Swamp, it's a great feeling," Jordan said. "The community around it is an experience that not a lot of colleges have. They emphasize speed and would help my game get better with speed. Some of the stuff they have down there, not a lot of colleges have. The drills they do and how they practice and play is amazing. I really like to see Ronald Powell play because that is just how I play on defense."

A decision will have to be made and Jordan Jenkins is just starting to get a feel about what that decision will be based on.

"I figured out those are my top six and I have to look at the depth chart and see how many people are there," he said. "I just want to go somewhere that I can fight for a position.

"I have to be comfortable with the coaches and has to be a college that I would be comfortable for the next four years and want it to feel just like I am at home now."

The Jenkins family will be traveling around to all six schools in the next two months getting another look and mostly in a camp like setting. Ronald Jenkins breaks down the schedule.

"We will be at Florida for Friday Night Lights," dad said. "We will be at Georgia for Dawg Night. We are going to Tennessee on the 4th of June for a one day camp. We will be at Auburn on the 12th of June for a one day camp. We will be at the University of Alabama with some players from his team on the 17th of July. We will also be at Tech and I forgot the exact date for that one."

It is a long process with such a quality prize at the end of it… a college education and a chance to play for one of the premiere programs in all of college football. Some SEC school is going to reap the reward of proving themselves to the Jenkins family and they will have done their homework to make the right move.

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