O'Sullivan Not Surprised By NCAA Field

Gator baseball coach Kevin O'Sullivan was expecting pretty much what he got when the NCAA Tournament field was announced Monday afternoon. With the state of Florida loaded with quality teams it's no shock that Miami and Jacksonville will be sending their baseball teams to Gainesville. Those two state teams will play at noon Friday followed by the Gators against Manhattan College.

The Gators know these teams well. Well, they know Miami and JU. The Gators swept the Hurricanes (8-3, 1-0, 5-3) earlier this season while the Dolphins clobbered the Gators 11-2 two weeks ago.

After the bids came out Sully spoke about the field coming to Gainesville and the momentum the Gators carry into the Regional after winning the SEC Tournament.

On the field coming to Gainesville ---

"Well it's probably what we expected. There are so many good teams in Florida you expect at least a couple of Florida teams. This time of year it's not really who you draw it's how you're playing. Every Regional is tough and you have to play your best. I think we've got a very good field."

On having the most momentum they've had entering NCAA play ---

"Yeah. Obviously if you can win the tournament like we did in what's arguably the toughest league in the country. To be able to grind it out on Saturday for two games and come back against an outstanding Vanderbilt team you've got to feel good about your momentum. We've got to get rested up. We've got a couple of guys banged up a little bit. Hopefully we'll get those guys back for the weekend and get ready for Friday."

Is there any update on the status of Brian Johnson ---

"No, it's day to day. We'll let the doctors handle it. I'm going to stay totally out of it. I talked to him and he feels good, but like I said with these head things you want to take it day by day and there's a process we need to follow. We'll make a determination later in the week."

Is it possible he could be cleared to pitch OR hit but not both?

"No, I think it's all or nothing. He can either play or he's not (going to). We're not going to put him in any situation that's going to be harmful to him. If he can play, we're going to play him. If he can't, he can't."

On pitching depth showing in Birmingham ---

"I'm really pleased with the way Anthony DeSclafani threw and the way Alex (Panteliodis) threw (Sunday). It gives us a little bit more depth. I'm really pleased with the way Greg Larson has been throwing the ball and (Nick) Maronde has been outstanding. Obviously Maddox has been really good. (Tommy) Toledo got a start and he threw the ball good. I think our depth is really starting to show up like we hoped."

On what (if anything) he knows about Manhattan ---

"What I do know if that they won their conference tournament and any team that wins its conference tournament is playing well this time of the year. They always have had Florida kids on the roster, especially from Miami. I remember they beat Joba Chamberlain back in '06 at Nebraska so their certainly going to be a good club."

Your thoughts on Miami and Jacksonville ---

"Well Miami is a team that I've followed closely throughout the year, and I think they've gotten better as the season's gone on. They've really got quality starting pitching and they have a really good pen. They're aggressive offensively on the bases. They've got some guys that can run. JU, we only played them once but they put it to us. I think we saw their number one pitcher in that mid-week game so they're very capable as well."

On the lift the Gators got from Cody Dent last week ---

"He's in there for his defense and I thought he was a huge part of our success last week. (He had) the bunt (Sunday) to get the first run on the board. He had some quality at bats. But he's really good defensively. He made some really good plays over at third base and that really shores up our defense. The strength of our team is pitching and defense and he played outstanding defense all week."

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