Bivins with a Top Five

With 15 offers already, 2012 Gainesville High School cornerback Chris Bivins has narrowed it down to five. "It was real hard, there were so many great schools," Bivins said. While Bivins is looking for a school with great coaches and an opportunity to play, he says academics are the highest on his list because, "football doesn't last forever".

In no particular order Chris Bivins announced that South Florida, Arkansas, NC State, Illinois, and Kentucky round out his top five. While the decision was tough, Bivins says he looked at each school differently and came up with his best five offers.

"They all tell you a bunch of different things and overall the programs were very prestigious which made it a lot harder," Bivins said.

South Florida was the first offer Bivins received and they have continuously showed him attention throughout his recruitment process.

"I have had a close relationship with the coaching staff since January. They have an up and coming program and I have a chance of playing early," Bivins said.

After conversations with Arkansas' coaching staff, Bivins says he is excited about their offer.

"They expressed to me that they need cornerbacks and I would be a key component to their team. They are a great program," Bivins said.

NC State has undoubtedly recruited Bivins the hardest, and that persistence has landed them in Bivins' top five.

"I talk to them every day or every other day and have great relationships with the coaches. I'm going to try and make it up there by the end of the summer or make an official visit in the fall," Bivins said.

Bivins says he has gotten a lot of attention from Illinois and that he and head coach, Ron Zook "hit it off". Along with his close relationships with the Illinois coaching staff, Bivins is excited about some of their commits.

"They just got safety, Ta'Jarvis Fuller. I watched him play in Alabama, that's a great pick up for them, he is a great player," Bivins said. Bivins is adding Illinois to the list of schools to visit this fall.

Kentucky is a program that Bivins says he can see himself playing early and possibly even starting.

"I think I would be a great addition to the program, they could use some defensive backs. They have great academics, everything about Kentucky I really like," Bivins said.

Bivins made clear that his top five is not set in stone. He says he will consider new offers and even has a few that he will add to his list.

"Florida and Tennessee are possible offers that I will add to my top five, and Georgia possibly as well," Bivins said.

Florida is a school that Bivins is looking forward to hearing from. The Gainesville native has spent a lot of time around the Florida coaching staff and the facilities.

"They have been showing me a lot of attention lately and I just love the Gators. For the past four to five years they have been my home team", Bivins said.

Tennessee has some familiar faces to Bivins, including two Gainesville High School linemen and his cousin, Curt Maggitt.

"They are a great program and it would be something great to play with them in college and in high school," Bivins said.

Georgia is another SEC program Bivins is excited to visit.

"UGA is a great school and they have a lot of talent. They want me to come up for camp and I think once I can show them what I can do, they will offer me," Bivins said.

Bivins says he and his dad will sit down when the time comes and make a final decision. He hopes to make a commitment by the end of June or early July.

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