Stewart Stoked to Play at Florida

Incoming Florida freshman linebacker Graham Stewart of Durham, CT, says he is "so excited to be apart of such a rich tradition at Florida." The SEC came calling and he decided to take his services far away from home. But, as the "baby of the family", his parents are sad to see him go. Find out how Stewart will be using his family as motivation this fall to work hard.

Leaving his family behind, Graham Stewart will travel over 1,000 miles to his new home in Gainesville, FL next week. Diagnosing his parents with "empty nest syndrome", Stewart says they wish he wasn't going so far.

"They were originally so excited when I was going to Boston College because it is a lot closer to home. But, they are still so supportive and they really are happy for me," Stewart said.

Stewart says his parents are going to make plenty of trips down to Gainesville this fall especially if he gets some playing time.

"They will for sure come down. And if I am in the game, they will be in The Swamp. It's like an added incentive to work hard and prove myself on the field," Stewart said.

Stewart says the decision to pick The University of Florida over Boston College was tough, but in the end he knew he was making the right decision.

"I realized after watching SEC teams play, the whole atmosphere of that football just can't be matched by the ACC and the Big East. SEC teams get about 90 thousand fans while the ACC and Big East only get around 30 thousand, and they don't even stay the whole time," Stewart said.

After his parents put a stamp of approval on Florida head coach, Will Muschamp, it just about sealed the deal for him.

"Coach Muschamp came to visit me during our crazy snow storms. It was so important for me to have my parents behind my head coach. They loved him, he has a lot of energy and that's what we need," Stewart said.

When asked about his expectations for this season, Stewart said, "I think this is a huge year not only for the players but for the Muschamp regime. I think Gator nation wants to see that Coach Meyer left Florida football in the hands of someone who will make us a powerhouse again," Stewart said.

Stewart has a very positive attitude and is looking forward to stepping onto the field for the first time his freshman season.

"Obviously anyone wants to earn themselves a role. But I think the greatest thing I can do is make an impact and contribute to my team winning," Stewart said.

While the distance between Stewart and his family may be further than he hoped for, Stewart says he thinks he will feel right at home in The Swamp.

"The Gators are a great program, I always watched them on TV. To actually become a college student athlete and play for them will be amazing. I put so much hard work into football and it is my dream to play at a big time school. The atmosphere at Florida will push me and make me a better overall person," Stewart said.

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