Yoga Master in the Secondary

Freshman cornerback Valdez Showers of Madison Heights, MI is already on campus at the University of Florida and preparing for his freshman season. But, for Valdez, that preparation started long ago and he feels he can compete for playing time right now. Showers has used a lot of different ways to keep him ready to perform. Anxious to start his college career, it is hard work that got him here.

At 6-0, and 190 pounds, Valdez Showers is a prototype cornerback and has the speed and ball skills to be a big time player in college. He plans on using that ability to play early at Florida.

"I just want to get on the field," he told Fightin' Gators earlier this week. "I expect to see early playing time. I just want to get on the field as early as possible and get my degree."
It is hard work that has gotten Showers to the point where he could pick his school to sign with. The hard work is something he prides himself in.

"A typical Monday after school I did the stadium stairs and then run the track. Then I go into the weight room and work my arms, and then some Yoga."

However, when he took a look at the workout program that Florida introduced him to, Showers got more than an eye full and knows that strength and conditioning coach mickey Marotti means business when he gets his guys ready to play.

"When I saw the workout program and how it was, that was enough for me right there," he said while laughing. "You have to do ten things during the work out. You get neck in and abs, if it is an arm day you have to do four sets… I am used to doing three, but four make it hard reps."

Showers has an advantage over some. While working out one day, he happened on something that would forever help him with many facets of competition. Once he started the Yoga, he never looked back and it has allowed him to compete at a different level and for much longer.

"I started working out at the gym and they offered Yoga," he said. "They said it will help with flexibility so I tried it out. I really felt it in the flexibility, but the biggest thing was improving my breathing. When I get a little fatigued, it taught me how to slow my breathing down and not be so winded. I played every down as a senior."

All of this should prove a bonus for defensive back Travaris Robinson who Showers says is a riot to listen to and be around.

"Coach Robinson, he has a real cool personality," Showers said. "He is someone I can click with well and I am really looking forward to working with him. He is really funny. Every conversation I find myself laughing a lot."

Off the field and in the class room, Showers gravitates towards Math when. The math and a curiosity machines has him eyeing a major that can prove quite difficult. But, putting his mathematical mind to use as a coach when his playing days are over, could be a calling as well.

"I was looking for Mechanical Engineering, that's what I am kind of roiling with right now," he said when asked what he planned on majoring in at Florida. "I just like seeing how things work and kind of like figuring things out. Honestly I can see myself doing a lot of things. Coaching has crossed my mind a few times."

Showers just wants Gators fans to understand that he is all about giving maximum effort and that means in front of the crowd or not.

"I am just a hardworking, level headed guy," he said. "I am not cocky, but confident. I will just be out there every play putting everything on the line."

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