4- Star WR Black's Decision Coming Soon

With over 40 offers from some of the top collegiate football programs in the country, Chris Black has narrowed it down to three. The four-star receiver says Florida, Alabama, and Florida State now stand alone on his recruiting board and adds, he is "almost ready to commit." After participating in FSU's camp recently, Black plans on visiting both Florida and Alabama again before a final decision.

Chris Black has grown up a Gator fan and that is something he has not forgotten throughout the recruiting process. "It would be great to play for the Gators, growing up that was something I always wanted to do," Black said.

Black had the opportunity to see the Gators in action during one of his visits to Gainesville. Black says he was able to watch practice, talk with some of the players, and really get a feel for the University of Florida.

"I like how intense that team plays, the speed of the game at Florida is also something impressive to watch. Coach Urban Meyer did amazing things at Florida and I know the new coaching staff is going to do some big things this year as well. Charlie Weis' pro-style offense is right up my alley and I think I would fit in well," Black said.

In July, Black plans to attend Friday Night Lights in Gainesville.

While the Jacksonville native says distance from home is not a factor in his decision, Black doesn't deny it would be nice to have his family close by. Another Sunshine State program that has really impressed Black is Florida State.

"I have the strongest coaching relationships at FSU. They started recruiting me in 9th or 10th grade and they have stuck with me since. I have a close bond with all of the coaches and I can talk to them about anything. They never stopped recruiting me and they tell me I am their guy, which means a lot to me," Black said.

One of Black's goals early on is to earn some playing time his freshman season and Florida State coaches tell Black that is possible with their program.

"They tell me I can make an early impact and play early if I work hard, which is something I am really excited about," Black said.

While he doesn't mind playing in the ACC, Black has always been a fan of the SEC and says he would love to play for a team in the Southeastern Conference. Alabama is one of those SEC programs Black is considering.

"Alabama is kind of crazy. Before my trip to Bama I didn't know much about the school besides the fact they had Julio Jones and Mark Ingram. But after my visit, my family and I fell in love with the school. The coaches showed a lot of love and they show me a lot of interest. I went to their spring game and the atmosphere was great, they had 90-thousand fans, which says a lot about their tradition," Black says.

At this point Black says Florida State and Alabama are going head to head in recruiting him the hardest.

"FSU told me they were going to turn up the heat if there was any competition and when Alabama came into the picture they certainly did," Black said.

At 6 feet and 175 pounds, Black plans to focus on getting stronger and faster his senior year.

"I also want to learn football even more and get smarter at the game. Most importantly I am going to focus on my senior season and leave high school on a high note and know that I helped my school become a top notch program."

Overall, Black says he is looking for a school with trusting coaches, an opportunity to play early, and a chance to make a name for his self. Black says he thinks he has found that in one of his top three schools and is excited to make his commitment.

"I was thinking, the recruitment process has been going on for quite some time. I feel like I looked over everything and saw everything I needed to see. I am confident and ready to make the decision, it's coming soon," Black said.

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