Wilson's Been Playing a Long Time

Sometimes when you a football prospect play you can just tell they have been at it a long time. Jaime Wilson of Belle Glade Glades Central is a natural wide receiver and overall athlete. The unassuming Wilson plays the receiver position like he was born to do it. He is smooth and still strong with his play and colleges are taking notice.

For Jaime Wilson football does come natural and it all stems from playing the game since he was a small child and the will to watch others and learn from them.

"I have been playing since I was six or seven," Wilson said of the game he loves. "My ability comes from a lot of practice. I would watch others do it and they would teach me how to run routes, use my hands, and catch the ball and stuff. Then the athletic ability took over from there."

Wilson has a cousin in pro football as former Miami Hurricane cornerback Randy Phillips now plays for the Detroit Lions. The first cousin also went to Glades central and has offered up some advice for Wilson in the recruiting game.

"He says to not get stuck looking at one school, go look at all of them," Wilson said. "He says as a receiver I should go look at a place that runs an offense that would be good for me. I want a place that throws the ball a lot."

A couple of offenses stand out for Wilson at this time and there are a few places he wants to visit.

"I like Florida and Vanderbilt with their offenses," he said. I am trying to get up to Vanderbilt and on July 8th to Miami and trying to get to Florida'S Friday Night Lights."

At 5-11.5 and 190 pounds when the ball is in the air, Wilson owns it. He has long arms that come out of nowhere and the speed to run under what seem to be overthrown balls.

He is a student of the game and works at the mental aspects as well.

"I just watch the game and see things from everyone that will help my game," he said. "My route running and my ability to get open in coverage are what make me good. I can read the defense on the field and find the openings and give the quarterback good throwing lanes."

Wilson says he has an offer from Marshall and did have one from Florida's previous staff. He knows what it will take to get his signature on signing day.

"It is going to come down to who shows the most interest and how much they throw the ball," he said.

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