An Easy Choice for Jafar Mann

2012 University of Florida commitment, Jafar Mann says he couldn't be more excited to call himself a Gator. But, for now Mann says he is focusing on bringing home a state championship ring for his Stephenson High School football team.

Fightin' Gators' Milani Beaudrault caught up with Jafar Mann to find out why the University of Florida was the perfect fit for him.

Beaudrault: Why did you commit to the University of Florida?

Mann: "I felt like I was apart of a family and I really feel like it's the best place for me. It's not that far from home but at the same time, it's far enough. Depth chart wise, everything looked good, especially at my position, the choice just seemed right."

Beaudrault: During your visits to Florida, what impressed you the most?

Mann: "One thing that really impressed me was the weight room. It was real nice, it was good. And I got to see how had they work and that is something that is important to me. They showed me a picture of Jermaine Cunningham before and after playing at Florida and the muscle tone he gained was amazing. The campus was also real nice, and my dad really liked it too."

Beaudrault: What do you think about Gainesville?

Mann: "Gainesville is something new for me, I have lived in Atlanta my whole life but it's a good change and I'm ready for it."

Beaudrault: What do you think about the Florida coaching staff?

Mann: "I realized they do more than just coach football. They are a big family and every player I talked to says they love the new coaches. I feel like I am walking into a whole new family, that's how close everyone is and they all seem very sincere in their words."

Beaudrault: Did Coach Will Muschamp's defensive background something that factored into your decision?

Mann: "Yes, him and the defensive coordinator Coach Dan Quinn have a great defensive background and that played a factor in my decision. I can't wait to work under both of them, it's going to be very exciting and I am going to work hard."

Beaudrault: Have you set any personal goals for yourself early on in your career at Florida?

Mann: "My goal is to be a true freshman. Jermaine Cunningham was a great player but he wasn't a true freshman and that is something I really want. It's going to be hard but it's my goal to get out on the field freshman year."

Beaudrault: What do you think of Florida's 2012 recruiting class so far?

Mann: "I think it's really good. We have a good class coming in and people keep telling me Florida is going to be a good team. I think we have the talent and potential to make things happen."

Beaudrault: What make you so valuable to the Florida defense?

Mann: "I'm great, I can close gaps and collapse the pocket real quick. On the field I feel like I transform and am unstoppable. All I want is to win and my attitude and determination on the field will show it."

Beaudrault: What are you going to be focusing on improving during your senior season?

Mann: "Condition and speed. I am real hungry for a ring this year. I want to work hard and go out with a championship, I think this could be our year."

Beaudrault: How solid is your commitment to the University of Florida?

Mann: "I'm excited to be a Gator. As far as taking visits this fall, I haven't decided, but probably not."

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