SEC Media Days: John Brantley

Coach Muschamp along with DE William Green and WR Deonte Thompson quickly backed their quarterback, John Brantley at the 2011 SEC Media Days. All three deflected any criticism towards Brantley and agreed the Gators need to "play better around him." Coach Muschamp says the new offense better suits the Florida QB and adds he has seen a significant change in both Brantley's leadership and confidence.

Florida quarterback, John Brantley took the podium at SEC Media Days showing the confidence his coaches and teammates have been talking about. After a disappointing 2010 season, Brantley has come back to Gainesville with a completely different coaching staff and offensive system, something he is looking forward to this season.

"The biggest difference between this year and last year is the new pro style offense. I was really comfortable with the offense last year and I knew it like the back of my hand, but the new offense this season definitely suits my playing ability a lot more. I am really excited about it because I'm not a runner and I don't like to run so anytime I can pass the ball off, I am good to go, it's what I do best," Brantley said.

Brantley says Florida's offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has made the transition this season much easier and adds he is impressed with his background in the NFL and his successful track record in the past. While Brantley admits Weis' playbook was intimidating at first, he says he has made the adjustments and likes what he sees so far.

"Learning the new playbook has been a lot easier than I thought. The first day I saw it I was like, "you have got to be kidding me" but after getting out there and running through plays, everything clicked. I feel really comfortable out there and Coach Weis has helped me learn the playbook really quickly and I know come August he is going to help me improve my game a lot more," Brantley said.

Brantley's teammates have seen a new and improved quarterback on the practice field, stating Brantley has better command in the huddle and stronger leadership on the offensive side of the ball. While Brantley knows he needs to play better this season, he says he has confidence in his team and adds a few guys have really stepped up in the spring.

"Everyone has really done well but especially Deonte Thompson, Quinton Dunbar, and Jordan Reed. They have been working really hard on the practice field and with learning the new offense. They have made a bunch of plays during spring practice and I am really looking forward to seeing them perform come August," Brantley said.

While Brantley says his career at the University of Florida has not lived up to his expectations thus far, he adds he is looking forward to living out his dream and leaving Florida on a positive note this season.

"I grew up a Gator fan and I don't regret anything that I have done. I am living my dream playing at this school and I want to look back this season knowing that we did everything right and knowing we played to the best of our abilities. I've learned if something bad happens, I need to focus on the next play and make that happen. I've worked really hard this spring to improve what didn't quite click last season. I am looking forward to the fall and getting Florida Football back to where it used to be," Brantley said.

As far as Brantley's expectations for the 2011 season he said, "It is our goal to get back to Atlanta and I think we have the right guys to make that happen."

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