Poole Spends FNL as a Recruiter

While watching wide receiver Stefon Diggs dominate Friday Night Lights, Florida cornerback commitment Brian Poole was tempted to step on the field. If it weren't for his ankle injury, Poole would have already been out on the field. The five-star wasn't able to try stopping Diggs on the field, so he put in some time recruiting the wide receiver and other recruits to join him at Florida.

"My goal was to bring great players along with me to Florida to make our team better," Brian Poole said. "I was just a recruiter tonight, and it was fun. We're just trying to come in and win."

Poole singled out Dante Fowler and Diggs as the two recruits he spent the most time working on Friday. Poole wasn't doing all the recruiting by himself. He was attached at the hip with Florida running back commitment Matt Jones as the two talked to anyone that would listen. The two were also seen with current Florida linebacker/defensive end Ronald Powell as the three combined to work on five-star defensive end Jordan Jenkins.

When Poole wasn't recruiting, he was standing with the cornerbacks and watching them go through drills. He was closely, learning the drills and specifics that defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson likes.

The two have already spent plenty of time in conversation about what to expect when Poole gets to campus. With the coaching turnover at Florida, their relationship was put on the fast track if the Gators wanted to lock up Poole. That's exactly what Robinson did.

They met at Florida's junior day in February, and from their first conversation, Poole knew Robinson was a coach that he could relate with. Since then, the two have become very close. It didn't stop then, as Robinson has become close with plenty of members of the Poole family.

"We have a great relationship," Poole said. "He's a great guy and everything is good. He doesn't just have that relationship with me. He's close with my mom and the rest of my family, too. He's a people person. Everything about him is just awesome."

Since Poole said he is fully committed to Florida, his attention is beginning to turn to his senior season. He suffered an ankle injury in his team's spring game that he is currently nursing back to health.

Poole is in his third of six weeks in therapy.

"There's no pain or anything in it, so I think that's good," Poole said. "I'll be ready when we start fall camp, and our first game is late August. I know I'll be ready by then."

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