Kelsey Enjoyed Time With Legacies at FNL

It was a big reunion of sorts for 1996 National Champion Gators and some others in that era Friday Night. The fact they were there with children or nephews or just friends or coaches for prospects of Friday Night Lights in Gainesville doesn't matter. It made for a special evening for them and some of the prospects. That includes Keith Kelsey, the son of Gator Great Keith Kelsey.

At 6-2 and 210 pounds, the younger Kelsey packs a punch much like his dad did on those championship teams in the mid-nineties. It was pretty special for the younger Kelsey that he was on the field with his dad Friday and both were really into the event.

"We had a good time competing and everything," Kelsey said of himself and the others that took part in the camp. "My dad was out there on the field coaching us too."

Kelsey is one of a slew of Gator legacies that are in the 2013 class. At least two others were on the field Friday as Fred Taylor's son Kelvin was playing running back and Mike Harris' son Marcel was working out at safety during the camp. The group has stayed in touch.

Jacquez Green and Jemalle Cornelius were Gator Great receivers in attendance as well as assistant coaches for teams that brought players to the camp. Terry Jackson and Aubrey Hill are currently working on the Florida staff as well and were part of the night's festivities. There were certainly more.

"I talked to Kelvin Taylor because his dad and my dad are very close," Kelsey said. "I talked to Fred and Gerard Warren as well. I have known Kelvin and his dad since I was little, so I have talked to them forever."

Kelsey was there to get after it and wants a scholarship offer from Florida. He thought he did pretty well.

"I just enjoyed competing against some of the best players in the nation," he said. "I think the running back drills really helped me out. My dad watched me and told me I was playing a little flat footed, so I got something good out of it."

Florida defensive coaches Bryant Young and D.J. Durkin were eying Kelsey most of the night and liked what they saw. Assistant Brian White is recruiting Kelsey to Florida and he kept tabs on Kelsey as well.

"I talked to Coach Young, Coach Durkin, and Coach White," Kelsey said. "Coach Durkin told me I have really improved in the last month or so. I was there a month ago for camp."

His improvement was from letting things sink in and working hard, the Gainesville high school star also makes sure to get to campus as much as possible. The staff likes what they are seeing and want to see more.

"I just got better working out at school and I go up to Florida every once in a while to watch film and stuff," he said. "They just say they want to keep seeing me improve as a player and getting better on and off the field."

Kelsey of course likes the Gators and really likes the fact that Florida head coach Will Muschamp is a defensive minded coach.

"It is big that Coach Muschamp is a defensive guy," he said. "Defense wins games and where it is at in football."

Friday Night, he really enjoyed himself and surprised with his answer on one offensive coach that really stood out to him.

"I loved being around all the Florida players and former players," Kelsey said. "I also really liked seeing and listening to Coach Charlie Weis. He is a legend in the NFL and has four Super Bowl rings. He was actually showing off one of his Super Bowl rings. My dad has a championship ring and I can't fit in it yet… I'm getting there."

He's 210 pounds and will project around 225 as a senior, Kelsey thinks his future is inside at linebacker, but he knows he can't just pigeon hole himself like that.

"I am really an inside linebacker, but can play outside linebacker too," he said. "My dad tells me I always have to be ready to play any of the positions."

With the summer camp session season now over, Kelsey says it is all about getting ready to make his Gainesville High School team a good one. He also knows where he will be spending a lot of Saturdays.

"I am just getting ready for the year at GHS," he said. "I plan on being at all the big Florida games this year."

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