Taylor Amazed at FNL Crowd

His father was one of the more recruited players Florida has ever landed in football, a four year star for Florida that flourished in his senior season when given a chance to handle the rock more often. Class of 2013 super star running back Kelvin Taylor participated at Friday Night Lights with his dad watching on and was surprised by the experience.

One thing about The Swamp and the Gator fans that inhabit it is that they usually draw a great impression from folks. That is precisely why you would hold a premiere camping event in the facility for some of the best high school football prospects in America. It seems like at least of the one of the very best noticed.

Glades Day running back Kelvin Taylor talked with Florida's head coach Friday night and shared his excitement for the night.

"I talked to some of the coaches and Coach Muschamp," Taylor said via phone the night after. "We talked about the school and the program. I was just amazed that it was a football camp and there were so many people inside the stadium."

Taylor also liked the teaching he was getting from Florida's running back coach Brian White.

"Last night was pretty good," he said. "We ( the running backs) did a pretty good job. I liked the one-on-one's a lot. I liked Coach White, he is a high speed coach. He likes to press and have everything done right and the type of coach I am looking for. "

Kelvin is the son of Gator Great Fred Taylor, he of NFL fame and the 1996 National Championship team. He loved having his dad watching over him.

"It was great having him out there," Kelvin said. "He told me to get out there and just check my game and eventually everything will be good."

According to Kelvin, dad doesn't harp on the game too much to him.

"My dad just tells me little things about the game. He takes it slow with me and tells me little stuff and only brings up football sometimes."

Taylor was really impressive on the night. He has great size and the quickest of feet,. He runs with his pads down low and a terrific lean when he is running with the ball. He approached the night with a workman's like work ethic.

"I just went out there to get what I had to get done and get a good workout," he said.

He only camped at Alabama and Florida this summer and heads home to prepare for the upcoming season. Those two schools are a couple of programs that are hard after him on the recruiting trail, but recruiting isn't what he is focusing on at this time.

"There are a lot of schools after me hard, but I would have to say the Gators, Alabama, Miami, and a couple of more that are recruiting me the hardest," he said. "I am just looking at everyone. I want to take care of my high school career first and get my grades out of the way. Then I will focus on college."

And dad, who knows everything about the recruiting business and football in general, tells him to make sure he takes it all in when he can.

"He tells me to be patient and take visits to each schools and pick the one you like the best and the one you feel the most comfortable," Kelvin said.

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