Hollywood and Higdon Go Mano a Mano

Every once in a while you have to step outside of the box, or just maybe you have to enter the ring. This time around, Jason Higdon and Bob Redman do both. A challenge of sorts to answer questions that just may be biting at all of us, Higdon and Redman answer ten hot questions each about Florida recruiting and the Florida football team in general.

Florida football is a wondrous thing and there are so many facets of the program to cover, we like to think we cover them all better than anyone.

With that in mind, Jason Higdon and Bob Redman challenged each other to answer some tough questions pertaining to the squad.

Higdon got it started by asking Redman these four questions and six others.

1. Charlie Weis has been a master offensive coordinator and quarterback coach everywhere he has been. With the struggles of J. Brantley last year how much can the Florida fans expect from him this season from a realistic statistical standpoint? Can you give some examples of what you feel Brantley does well and how Weis will try to maximize those skills. If he struggles at what point in the season if any do you expect Weis to make a switch and who would he go to?

2. Will Muschamp has a great track record as a defensive coordinator without question but talk about some of the potential issues he "may" encounter as a first year head coach in the Southeastern Conference?

3. The linebacker play at times was less than stellar last season. How much can you attribute that on the defensive line if any and talk about your linebacker rotation this season and your expectations for guys like Jelani Jenkins, Jon Bostic and Ronald Powell.

4. With so much talk about a base 3-4 vs. 4-3 what do you expect to see this season on the defensive side of the ball and what "one" player do you think comes up as the MVP of this defense at the end of the season?

You can find the questions and answers here.

I am calling you out Bob Redman

Redman returned the favor by asking ten questions of his own. The first four stated here...

1. Are the Gators going to land more players from the state of Georgia or North Carolina in 2012 and what is the number for the state with the most and the headliner for that state.

2. Who is the one prospect left on the board that the Gators have to have? Along those lines, is this prospect or one already committed the most important in this class?

3. What is the biggest loss in this class so far?

4. Who is the most underrated prospect in the Florida class and why?

Here is where you will find the answers to the above and more...

What you got Higdon? Ten Questions???

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