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It's not unusual for Gator fans to not have enough info… they always want more. We know it, we embrace it, we love it. With that in mind, our recent Q and A between Insiders here at Fightin' Gators stirred up even more questions from the subscribers. SacGator is a long time subscriber and wants more, and Hollywood Bob tries to provide it with his response to the five questions from Sac.

Join us on our insider message board "The Swamp" to read the responses to these Florida football questions.

1) Who is next in line behind Jon Halapio and do you think Frank Verducci will have a much shorter leash to pull an offensive linemen that seems to be off?

2) Looking at your prediction of distribution to the tailbacks, do you really see 40+ carries a game not counting Trey Burton? With Brantley under center, until he gains confidence...it may come to that, but if that is the case that you see that heavy of a workload, do you see this as a time-clock management offense?

3) In Higgy's question to you about wideouts, and your subsequent answer, I didn't read anything on Deonte Thompson I have said since his freshman year that he is very Brandon LaFell like in his ability to make the circus catch or the catch in traffic, but drops way too many passes. Is this a scenario of alligator arming it, concentration or just average hands? Do you see Aubrey Hill being able to fix this or is it a case of "it is what it is"?

4) A good defenive line makes an average corner look great and a poor pass rush makes even the best corner look average. Do you see Dan Quinn / Will Muschamp scheming for some forced pressure through blitzes or do you feel that we have the talent to get pressure or collapse the pocket? Along those lines, losing Janoris Jenkins is a huge loss. Who do you see stepping in as the #2 corner and the nickelback?

5) It has been awhile since the Gators have had much of a 50stack defense. Blitzes tend to come from the outside as opposed to the middle and if we need extra pressure up the nose, it tends to be stunts. Do you see a different philosophy with the new staff or are we going to be dependent on the pressure exclusively from the outside?

Hollywood's Answers

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