40 Wishes for Muschamp

On his 40th birthday, I decided I would offer a wish for each year of the University of Florida's new football coach. Will Muschamp is now on the wildest and biggest ride of his life and there are some things that would be nice to make his life easier in this momentous year. Here are my top 40 wishes for the new coach.

Will Muschamp turns 40 on Wednesday and has a lot on his table. Forget the cake, candles, and gifts wrapped up, I decided to gift him some things he can really use.

Here are my top 40 gifts for Muschamp…

(1) Patient Gator fans – No one really knows what the season holds for Florida, but one thing is for sure, Florida fans have had it good for some 20 years or so now. There has been a blip or two along the way, but 21 straight bowls, eight SEC titles, and three national championships in 21 years will get you spoiled. Here is to hoping that the fans will allow Muschamp to do his thing and be confident that he has the backing of the right people and the staff in place to get everything done that needs to be.

(2) New Beach House – He lives in Florida now. He will be the king of the state shortly once the program wins some games under his direction. It is time to get a new beach house so he doesn't have to share it with the enemy (FSU coach Jimbo Fisher). My bet is there will be plenty of folks ready to make this happen for him and soon.

(3) Year Off from the Blotter – For the most part it has been very minor stuff, but Muschamp and his team deserve some time away from the police blotter. That means tightening up on a few loose screws that don't know when to say when with their fun, but they don't seem too far from doing that.

(4) Big Start – The Gators have three home games to start the season and the head to Kentucky where they should be favored. A 4-0 start would really get the mojo going for this team and Gator Nation.

(5) Beat Bama and Old Boss – Bama is relatively early in the season and that means matching wits with Muschamp's former boss Nick Saban. The Gators get the Crimson Tide in Gainesville this year, but with the 100 man roster that Saban likes to burn through and the 72 man roster the Gators are down to, the Gators may be at a disadvantage in personnel. I love the match-up between Charlie Weis and Saban's defensive philosophy, it has the making of a good one.

(6) Miles' Luck to Run Out – There has been no luckier coach in college football than Les miles and it is time for that to run out. Miles may have had more luck against the Gators than anyone and to see that come to an end with such a talented team would be a nice surprise indeed.

(7) Bitch Slap the Dawgs Again – The annual whooping for Georgia should have special meaning this year. The Gators have won 18 of the last 21 and with Muschamp a Georgia grad, I am sure this one would be high on his wish list. Sick'em Muschamp.

(8) Bring FSU Back to Reality – Has anyone lived in La La land more than Florida State since beating Miami and Florida a year ago. The Gators finally gave up a loss for the first time in seven years to the Noles and it was the worst offensive team in 20+ years for the good guys. Now, they think they own college football. I know it is his good friend over there in Tallahassee, but Muschamp needs to slap some sense back into the savages.

(9) Trip to Atlanta (in December) – Although nice, I'm not talking about the Chick-Fil-A Bowl here. Winning the east seems almost impossible this year with Florida's western SEC schedule and the emergence of South Carolina as a power. A good turn here or there and things could change. We all know that from having followed SEC football for so long. It all goes back to getting on that roll to start the season and then see what happens.

(10) One More Ring for Weis – He flaunts them in recruiting circles, Charlie Weis has four Super Bowl rings. Adding an SEC ring to that pile of metal would certainly help in concurrent years when it comes to recruiting as well.

(11) John Brantley Makeover – We have seen Brantley perform late in games at a very high level. It was a season to forget last year, but this team will go a long way if Brantley can get back to the tools he knows how to use and have a chance to use them. It wasn't all his fault a year ago and getting that old feeling of failure out of the way will be a good thing.

(12) A 1,000 Yard Rushers – With the amount I expect them to run the ball, the Gators could very well have two 1,000 rushers. Getting one has been a goal for this team since Ciatrick Fason. Leaning on Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey is imperative to the offense early on in the year and getting one of them to break the milestone will go a long way in generating some momentum for the offense.

(13) 40 Carries for Trey Burton – he may be the most dynamic player on offense and if Burton gets 40 carries at fullback that can only mean thing are working well for him. Having a big time 1-2 punch in the backfield at the same time is something that can also do wonders for the offense.

(14) Blocking Tight End – In order to run the ball like we wish above, the Gators need to have a tight end establish himself as a primo blocker. At the moment it appears that true freshman A.C. Leonard will be that guy. It doesn't have to be him, but getting a good blocker on the field at the position will also go a long way in pushing the success of the offense.

(15-16) Play Making Receivers – Will it be Omarius Hines, Frankie Hammond, Andre Debose, Quinton Dunbar? The gators need two guys to make plays. They aren't going to get the ball a lot early on, so someone is going to have to do something with it when they catch it. Two somebodies would be ideal.

(17-30) 14 Healthy Offensive Linemen – The numbers are already low on the offensive line where they would like 16-17 anyway. Take into account previous or current injuries to James Wilson, Matt Patchan, Xavier Nixon, Dan Wenger, and David Young and it is easy to see why it is vitally important for this group to stay relatively healthy. Patchan and Nixon in particular would be great.

(31)Ronald Powell's twin – I wish for a cloning machine. Muschamp needs to clone Ronald Powell to play him at the BUCK and the SAM linebacker positions. Outside of that, he needs guys like Lerentee McCray, Clay Burton, Gideon Ajagbe, and William Green to play more and better than they have in the past.

(32)Push from Inside – The staff wants more push from inside from the defensive line and guys like Sharrif Floyd, Dominique Easley, and Jaye Howard have slimmed up a bit to make that happen.

(33) Steady Middle Linebacker – Jon Bostic appears to be ready. H needs to play as aggressive as his freshman year and that means not worrying about making mistakes, knowing what he is doing, and just run to the football. Michael Taylor should provide some pop behind Bostic.

(34) Physical Cornerback – Jeremy Brown seems destined to start on one side, but he wouldn't be considered a physical style playing corner. They need that compliment on the other side. Cody Riggs plays physical. Don't be shocked if a freshman steps in here, and they need it.

(35) Healthy Caleb Sturgis – All things seem go for Sturgis who missed a lot of last year with back troubles. He needs to stay healthy.

(36) Big Back – In recruiting, Florida needs to get a monster back and they seemed to have done that with the commitment of Matt Jones. This wish seems destined to come true on signing day or before.

(37) Dynamic Receiving Prospect – The Gators are in on a couple of elite receiver prospects in Stefon Diggs and Nelson Agholor. Getting both would be ideal and that is the wish from this end.

(38) Five Big Time Offensive Linemen – Numbers are low and the gators are in on a bunch of big timers. It won't be easy, but they need 4-5 in this recruiting class.

(39) Some Beef Up Front – On defense, the Gators need to land six linemen. They have three committed. Getting three more would be ideal. Then getting all signed is the wish from this end.

(40) Two Physical Corners – they have one physical cornerback in Brian Poole committed. We all know the other one on the board. These two would play opposite for quite a while.

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