Bostic Excited about DL Improvement

Even if Jon Bostic didn't improve at all from last season, his junior year would still be better than 2010. That has everything to do with the improvement he sees in front of him. Bostic has watched the defensive linemen improve in size, speed and strength, which he expects to open up plenty of holes for him to help him stop the run this fall.

"It clears up a lot of gaps for us with as much as they've improved," Jon Bostic said. "When we've got those guys up front, it makes things a lot easier on us linebackers."

The improvement is all over. Bostic said he could tell the talent that Ronald Powell, Shariff Floyd and Dominique Easley had when they were freshmen last season. With an offseason in the weight room, he knew it would only get better.

And from what he can see so far, it did.

"It's a big difference," Bostic said. "Easley has always had that quick first step since he got here, but he and Shariff have both gotten a lot better with technique. They'll get comfortable in the games, and it'll let them get back to playing how they were in high school.

"They all bring something different to the table, too," Bostic said. "Shariff (Floyd) is just disruptive. He's one of those guys that teams will have to watch out for 24/7. Then you look on the other side, and you have (Dominique) Easley with the fastest get-off I've ever seen. He's disrupting stuff, too. Offenses can't just key in on stopping one guy, especially when you've got Jaye Howard, Omar Hunter and Powell in there, too."

Powell won't just be playing at defensive end this season. He is moving into the BUCK position, a mixture between defensive end and outside linebacker. Head coach Will Muschamp wants to utilize Powell's pass rushing abilities from different positions to cause confusion for the offense.

Bostic has spent time going over different parts of the linebacker position to make the transition easier on Powell.

"I think he'll fit in really well," Bostic said. "He's athletic enough to where he can rush and still come back and play in pass coverage. He's not one of those guys that has to have his hand in the ground. He can do so many things, and those create a lot of opportunities for us."

The transition to this year's defense for Bostic hasn't been as tough as he expected. He sees a lot of similarities from the defenses Florida has used since he got to Gainesville.

"A lot of the stuff is pretty similar," Bostic said. "We're carrying over a lot of the concepts from last year, and we're going to be aggressive and physical up front. Most of those concepts have carried over from last year though."

Just like last year, Bostic has been working only as the MIKE linebacker. Jelani Jenkins will serve as the WILL linebacker, and Bostic actually says they two positions are similar.

"As soon as you start picking up the MIKE, you'll pick up the WILL real soon after that," Bostic said.

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