Debose is Focused and Ready to Roll

Andre Debose approached the 2011 Florida Football Media Day with a new attitude and a newfound respect for the game of football. As a veteran returning to a very young Florida football team, Debose knew he had to focus and take the game and his role on the team more seriously than he had in the past. caught up with Debose to talk about the upcoming season.

Redshirt sophomore, Andre Debose was one of the most highly touted high school recruits coming out of the state of Florida for the 2009 recruiting class. But after a leg injury prevented him from seeing any action his freshman season, Gator Nation was forced to wait until the 2010 season to find out what the hype was all about. While Debose delivered on special teams, he never really found his niche as a receiver. But with Charlie Weis' new pro-style offense, Debose says he is excited for the change and adds he feels like he can "be the playmaker for the offense."

"I'm playing the Z position right now. Deonte Thompson and Omarius Hines are also playing there right now," Debose said. "The Z-position is for the deep threat, speed guys and I feel like it's for the deep balls," Debose added.

While Debose is entering the 2011 season with playing time under his belt, he says he has never been more prepared for the football season.

"Personally, I am just looking at the game differently. Like I think of it as a business and take it a lot more seriously then I have in the past," Debose said.

Not only does he feel confident in his own playing ability, Debose says the dynamics among his team are better than ever.

"I feel like our team is coming together and were building a lot of team chemistry. Our team is much closer then what we were last year and we are all just anxious to get everything started up," Debose said.

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