Burton Adding to his Repertoire

Everyone saw with their own eyes a year ago what trey Burton can do with the ball in his hands. The new Florida offense should allow him to still get the ball, but he will be asked to do more than carry it and do the things he did a year ago. He will be the primary lead blocker as a fullback, technically called the F. This presents many possibilities for the offense, himself, and his teammates.

It isn't just Trey Burton that is happy about the new Florida offense. Running back Chris Rainey is really excited for what is in store for the backfield.

"I am really excited, a new football era, new season, new coaches, new players, all that kind of stuff," Rainey said. "It is just great to be here."

Of note, Rainey is really pumped about running the ball out of the I-formation. He will be running behind a lead blocking fullback more often than not and really for the first time since he starred in high school.

"The I-formation for me is way better than the spread," Rainey said. "I can read it better. I can do what I want to do. It is just more fun and easier."

Running behind guys like Burton, Gerald Christian, and freshman Hunter Joyer, Rainey believes the offense is in for a big year. For Burton this part of his offensive game will be new. He was never asked to be the lead blocker a year ago. He either got the ball or was a decoy. Rainey says you wouldn't know it by the way that Burton knocked heads with the defense in the spring.

"He shocked me," Rainey said of the former quarterback / skill guy turned blocking fullback. "Fullback is tough. Some people can't take it, because that is a lot of hitting in the head. He went through the entire spring and never missed a day and never limped."

For Burton, the issue isn't the hitting, it is the constant beating the body takes when trying to block linemen and linebackers that has been different for him.

"The biggest difference is the fact that as a quarterback you don't get hit in practice," Burton said. "It is a lot of contact, but I love what I do. It is never fun going against guys that big, but it's your job and you have to do it."

He just wants to play ball, and Burton knows he will be moved all over the place to take advantage of his skill set.

"I am just trying to get on the field instead of sitting the bench," he said. "I move to so many different things. All the plays we can run and the formations we line up in.

"They're telling me they will line me up at a bunch of different positions and they are going to try to get me the ball as much as possible."

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