Passing the Torch to Humphries

Gator fans will remember Mo Collins, the mammoth offensive tackle that plowed folks over for the 1996 championship team and more. He was the North Carolina kid that came down to play for a pro-style passing offense and compete for championships. The same could be said for recent five-star commitment D.J. Humphries.

Pardon Mo Collins if he isn't a little bit happy this week. When D.J. Humphries committed to Florida on Friday, part of Collins felt like he was going home and to his Alma Mater. He was in a joking mood when Humphries made it official and Collins wants to make sure folks understand he wasn't pushing Humphries anywhere.

"It was a good feeling," Collins said while vacationing in Orlando. "He has been talking about it for about 4-5 months. I did not have anything to do with the process and as far as him choosing Florida." The only criteria I had was that if he chose Tennessee, we were going to end our friendship. I don't have a problem with anybody, but if he chose Tennessee that would have been a slap in the face."

He was kidding about the latter of course, but Collins certainly had his battles with Tennessee during his time. Still, the Vols were certainly on the short list of Humphries at the end of the recruitment. And it was most important for Collins, that Humphries found the best place for him. As it turns out, Florida had everything.

"My interest with him was for him to be a better player and the best player he can be," Collins said. "It was important for him to choose the program that was best for him. When Coach Muschamp came in along with Charlie Weis I think that solidified his decision making process with the offense and the style of coaching he was going to get down there."

Collins thinks the world of his star pupil and knows he has a good head on his shoulders. "He is a solid kid," he said. "He's strong and comes from a good family. He's committed to what he is doing. And he's proven that. He has the potential with his character to make it to the highest level."

Collins also likes his potential as an athlete and thinks Humphries has a ton of upside still ahead of him.

"He has a good frame, 6-6, 270," Collins said. "I think he will top out about 6-8 and 315. He has quick feet and is explosive at the point of attack.

"He has a lot of my game in his game because we work so hand in hand. We try and give him a little bit of Leon Searcy and Tony Boselli. That is kind of what I see him as being quick and nimble like Boselli. At the same time, he can only be D.J. Humphries."

He has one more year to coach Humphries up and then he turns him loose to his college alma mater. Collins has fond feelings for the University of Florida.

"I like to be around the program," Collins said. "I am proud of the program. It is also good to have one of my understudies as a Gator too. That is something to be proud about."

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