Brantley Comfortable with the Offense

The spring was full of confusion for John Brantley. After deciding to stay at Florida because of the perfect fit provided by the new offense, the redshirt senior found himself drowning in the offense. That slowly started to change. Now a week into fall camp, Brantley feels like he has been running the offense for years.

"I don't feel as nervous as I used to during spring," John Brantley said. "I'm more confident to go out there and make the right calls and protections."

It's the complete opposite of the way Brantley felt last fall. When the games started, there were times he felt lost. The spring game might have looked that way, but Brantley said that doesn't worry him too much.

Immediately after the spring game ended, he was positive. Brantley remembered all that happened on the practice field during the spring and how far the offense had come. That didn't allow him to be negative because of his performance in one game.

"You just forget about it," Brantley said. "From the projection we made after the spring made me forgot about the spring game and make me know we're getting better. We know what we did during practices, and we're happy about it."

With the offense coming together in his mind and on the practice field, Brantley admits there are still some hang ups that all positions still need to work on before the offense is game ready.

For Brantley, the differences come at the line of scrimmage. He said there is a lot more for him to do in this offense at the line of scrimmage in reading the defense and making adjustments from there.

"It's just about staying tuned in," Brantley said. "There's a lot going on, and you've got to make sure you're on you're a-game every play. Every time you walk up to the line of scrimmage, you have to make sure everyone is where they're supposed to be. There are a couple things to factor in."

Will Muschamp made it clear that the fall camp would be dedicated to finding the team's playmakers, and that looks like it's coming into place a week into camp. Brantley said that Quinton Dunbar, Deonte Thompson, Frankie Hammond and Omarius Hines are seeing a majority of the reps with the first team wide receivers and Jordan Reed is getting the reps at tight end.

He also confirmed that Hines is seeing some time at tight end to learn it "just in case."

The difference in the offense this year is the attention to running crisp routes. It's not a knock on the spread offense before, but the wide receivers have spent more time working on their routes before this season.

"Coach Hill has done a great job with them in camp," Brantley said. "We've seen improvement every day with route running."

Muschamp recently called Hammond the team's most consistent receiver. After returning from suspension last season, he played a big role in the offense. Hammond is versatile enough to succeed in any offense, and he has been good this offseason, too.

"He's making the tough catches," Brantley said. "He also makes the easy catches that he's supposed to make, and he'll make people miss after that. You can tell that he's been studying his playbook and it's showing on the field."

While the Gators are preparing for the season, the month of October looms as a tough one. Florida will play Alabama, at LSU, at Auburn and against Georgia in Jacksonville during what looks like a brutal month on paper.

"That's a tough month," Brantley said. "It's four great teams we're preparing to for right now. We're preparing for that first game, but the tough camp and hot days, we're preparing for later in the season when we're beat up."

The one benefit to make things easier comes in opening the season with three straight home games. It will allow the offense to come together without crowd noise to make things difficult.

"Being home those first three games will help us out just to play against another team, get everything together and figure out what we do best," Brantley said.

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