Dunbar Confident and Excited

All the other players on the squad talk about him as the next break out guy. He also likes to talk a good game. The south Florida swagger of Quinton Dunbar is evidently infectious with his teammates and actually with the media who he caught off guard a few times and made laugh. Dunbar is putting behind a year where he redshirted and knows he can make a difference in 2011.

It is never easy for a college football team when there is a coaching transition. But, there usually comes a time when things just start getting easier and the players can just start making plays. According to Florida redshirt freshman Quinton Dunbar, that time is now.

"In the spring we didn't know what we were doing and we were just installing," he told the Florida media on Friday. "In the offseason we were getting the playbook and learning. It is finally clicking now and we are getting everything right."

Dunbar is starting to really like what the Gators are doing under offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. The offense calls for him to stretch the field and probably get one-on-one isolation with cornerbacks with play action. With his self-proclaimed 4.3 speed and favorite routes being the ‘Go' and Comeback' as a big part of the game plan, Dunbar just smiles when he thinks about what is ahead for him and his team in 2011.

"The routes are different," he said comparing them to the spread option attack of 2010 and before. "There is more variety, much more this year. Vertical is a big part of this offense. We run to set up the pass, so there is a big emphasis (on the run)."

"I am very excited. I think we are going to have a pretty big year."

Dunbar also has grown close to his position coach which is a great help in transitioning into a new offense. Aubrey Hill is the new receiver coach at Florida and the Gator Great of the early 90's Gators can tell this group a thing or two about how it is supposed to be done while they are representing the University.

"He isn't just a coach, he is like a father," Dunbar said of Hill. "He helps me on and off the field, so he is pretty neat. He stays on us about classes. Football is just football. He cares about the football and our classwork."

Dunbar stands about 6-3 and showed up on campus at 172 pounds. Now at a pretty formidable 188 pounds, he knows he has to continue to work hard at gaining strength and learning what the coaching staff is trying to instill in him. He never let a year on the scout team set him back in his mind, and he has the same mindset this year in terms of staying the course.

"I need to continue to stay consistent and continue to work hard," he said. "I am just trying to help the team in any way, so I just want to go out there and work hard and get ready for the season.

"I am young, so I just have to stay consistent and I will be good. My confidence will stay high because I am going to continue to get better."

That hard work also consists of time working with the quarterbacks. Dunbar has spent a great deal of time away from the coaching staff running and catching routes with starting quarterback John Brantley.

"We stay after practice and get the routes down and the deep balls down," he said. "We are just trying to get that connection."

The confidence has never been an issue. Something can be said for ‘South Florida Swagger' among football players. They tend to show up on campus and strut their stuff and let the guy on the other side of the line they are in for a hard day's work. Dunbar is no exception as he told the media what makes him a threat.

"It's just me coming out there and being a hard worker and competing every day," he said. "It is my speed. I have nice speed, great speed, so I think that is a big threat. I believe my speed, just getting on the DB fast as ever, helps me a lot."

Dunbar is also the self-proclaimed king of smack talk when it comes to the Gators. He isn't afraid to let the guys on defense know that he is about to own them on the football field, before it ever happens.

"I would have to say me," he answered when asked who the biggest trash talker was. "I just like to talk… that's just me. It makes the game fun. (I'd say something like) ‘Watch out, I'm about to go deep'.

Don't let the confidence at practice fool you. He has mad respect for his teammates on the opposite side of the ball and believes they are working very hard to get better and are doing just that.

"They are all tough to go against," he said of the Gators' young and relatively inexperienced secondary. "They are jamming and all of them are getting better technique. I'd have to say Cody Riggs (is the toughest) because he is a little pest.

"(Riggs) is really tough. He stands his ground and jams you… just likes to nag you. He stays on top of you."

But, he still knows he can go deep on Riggs, or at least will tell him so.

Dunbar Talks Up Story

Dunbar was asked about the young receivers and he said he is really impressed with true freshman JaJuan Story who came to Florida as an Under Armour High School All-American at the position.

"JaJuan Story is coming along," he said. "Once he gets the offense down he can really help us. He's about 6-4 or 6-5, big, and can run really fast. He could be a big help."

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